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game design

Welcome to Games Depot. Good game design for handheld consoles (Sony PSP), PC, or the browser.

Console Gaming

PlayStation 5 vs PlayStation 4 Pro vs PlayStation 4 vs PlayStation 3
(PS5 vs PS4 PRO vs PS4 vs PS3 vs Switch and PSVITA)

Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2): Easter Eggs and Secrets

Find out all the hidden secrets in Red Dead Redemption 2. Includes Out of Map methods that work in latest versions.

Cyberpunk 2077: Easter Eggs and Secrets

Find out all the hidden secrets in the Cyberpunk 2077.

The Last of Us 2: Easter Eggs and Secrets

Find out all the hidden secrets in the Last of Us 2.

Ghost of Tsushima (GOT): Easter Eggs and Secrets

Find out all the hidden secrets in Ghost of Tsushima.

Death Stranding: Easter Eggs and Secrets

Find out all the hidden secrets left by Kojima in the game Death Stranding. Mainly a PS4 walkthrough of all the easter eggs.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Secrets and Easter Eggs

Find out all the hidden secrets left by Kojima in the game MGS5. Mainly a PS4 walkthrough of all the easter eggs.

Metal Gear Survive - Secrets and Easter Eggs

Find out all the hidden secrets left by Kojima in the game Metal Gear Survive. Mainly a PS4 walkthrough of all the easter eggs.

Final Fantasy XV: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Find out all the hidden secrets in FFXV, including God Mode.

Assassin's Creed Origins - Secrets and Easter Eggs

Find out all the hidden secrets in Assassin's Creed Origins.

Sony PS3 Secrets

The most popular PS3 webpage on the internet. Lots of information including secrets that the manufacturer doesn't want you to know.

Sony PS4 Secrets

A speculation on what is in store for the future.

Sony PS9 Secrets

This is the PS9 commercial that came out when the PS2 was released. Find out what future technology is in store for us.

Sony PSP Secrets

Like PS3 Secrets, this contains lots of PSP secrets.

General Gaming

Elder Scrolls Secrets

Skyrim Secrets

Game Algorithms

This section is for game programmers.
Game Humor
If you just like to laugh
Game Recommended Readings
Game Recommended Readings and OnLine Bookstore

This is the same game of MineSweeper for Windows, but it is completely online, and you can play in your browser
Chess Depot
Chess Depot

This section contains information on chess games
BlackJack Depot
BlackJack Depot

If you like blackjack, then try the above Java applet (requires Java installed for your browser).

Mobile Gaming

Pixel Starships Galaxy

Candy Crush Saga No Boosters on iPad

Contains a complete walkthrough of all the levels of Candy Crush Saga without using boosters

PC Gaming

People Simulator: Alpha pre-release

This game is a demo that utilizes the pathfinding algorithm from the "game algorithms" section.

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Super Replays

Fortress Rush in SC2

Fastest Dark Templar Rush in Heart of the Swarm

Starcraft Broodwar Super Replays

Download Starcraft Broodwar (1.13e) Replay: One (Protoss) Versus Seven (1vs7) Melee Computer Opponents on map Theatre of War
Click on link to download this awesome Starcraft Broodwar replay of one protoss human player against a team of seven computer opponents in melee! Save it in your Starcraft Broodwar replay directory (should be under the maps directory). No cheats were used. The basic strategy involved building cannons inside a neighboring computer base at the beginning of the game, then use the two bases to wall in and expand. Like its successor, this is a great addictive game from the past. The map name is Theatre of War.

PS3 Linux

Download ps3lines for PS3 Linux

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Home of Original PlayStation Portable (PSP) Homebrew Games

Agenaworld 1.8 PSP homebrew game


Ceres: Asteroids Homebrew Game for PSP


Download AgenaWorld 1.8 for PSP

Agenaworld: A "Homeworld" type of game. Agenaworld is an original multiplayer PSP to PSP game that allow you to command a spacecraft to other galaxies and visit all eight planets (plus the sun and dwarf planet Pluto). In addition, the game backgrounds are real 24bit/pixel large space images that scroll in the background (courtesy of Hubble telescope). Try to reach Earth! Click on link above to download. Press the "Triangle Button" to use the "spacegate hypercube" gravity assist. Requires latest custom firmware to run.


In the near future, you captain a spaceship with extra-ordinary technology. Powered by nuclear fusion and fission generators and supported by ion micro-thrusters and gyroscopes, your ship can support long-term journeys. After a long travel in hibernation across the deep space, you come across the Juniper Belt and discover a mysterious asteroid surrounded by many "hypercubes". They are alien in origination, but one thing is known, when your ship touches one of the cubes, a gravitational assist field is generated around your ship. Firing an EMP afterwards, activates the field and your ship is slingshot at great velocity towards a destination pre-allocated by the respective cube touched. It is year 2492, the year that all eight planets plus dwarf planet Pluto are lined up end to end. With the help of the cubes, you are able to travel to distant galaxies, nebulas, and even all nine planets in the solar system, overcoming the laws of relativity.

AgenaWorld for PSP is "donation-ware". Hold down LEFT TRIGGER in game and register so improvements in this game are made!
Press button to donate now and get registered!

LuLines 1.1 PSP homebrew game


Download LuLines 1.1 for PSP

LuLines is a program that allows you to view colorful patterns created with luminous lines.
LuLines for PSP is "consumerware". If you like this program, purchase some posters or scrolls to support my efforts!
You can donate and get registered now by clicking this button.

Fracal Maze Generator PSP homebrew software (Source included)

fractal maze generator

Just for fun, try the Fractal maze generator for PSP firmware 1.0 and 1.5

World's smallest, simplest, maze generator. This "fractal" maze generator homebrew code for the PSP is the simplest way to create a maze. It uses fractal patterns to create the maze. To prove that the maze generator is the smallest code size and simplest code anywhere, look at the source code included in the download. (about 5 lines of code for the maze generation).

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