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Metal Gear Survive is a game by Konami using a parallel universe setting related to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

There is a single player and multiplayer portion of the game. The multiplayer has daily events with 3 difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard). You can construct barricades to defend against hordes of Zombie-like enemies.

Starting Tips

Walker Gear: D-Walker Location

Zombie Enemies

There are four main types of Zombie enemies: Wanderer, Bomber, Armored, and Tracker. Each of them can be killed or disabled by going behind them and doing a knife sneak attack. Most of their weak points (critical areas) are at the back of their neck that contains a reddish gash. Video shows each Zombie enemy type sneaked attacked. In addition, it shows you how to do a roll on the ground and how to lie down on your back while prone. In addition, you can see how to do a fake death move on the ground.

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