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Assassin's Creed Origins is a game by Ubisoft, and it tries to show the origins of the Hidden Ones via Bayek and his wife Aya (Amunet).

There is mainly a single player game.

Floating Scarf Easter Egg

The red Floating Scarf (or Flying Scarf) is an Easter Egg placed into Assassin's Creed Origins for players who wander into the desert during daytime. Bayek will begin to hallucinate from high heat in the desert, and he will start seeing illusions or mirages. This fits perfectly into explaining a love story of a man who lost his lover (Mutemwiya) in a sandstorm. Players can discover the mummified remains of a man with a note to Mutemwiya in Khensu Nome. The note says that he will forever walk the desert searching for Mutemwiya by following her red floating scarf. In Iment Nome is a red scarf lying in the ground (near a broken obelisk) that mentions Mutemwiya's hopes that the red scarf will lead her lover to her. In addition, the player (Bayek) will sometimes hallucinate a floating red scarf in the desert (with a song sung by Mutemwiya playing in the background). When you combine the three puzzles, a full love story emerges. Mutemwiya and her lover got separated in a sandstorm, and went in opposite directions in the desert. The floating scarf is the device through which they hope to be reunited together through time eternal. Video shows the location of the mummy and the red scarf in the ground, and the full floating scarf sequence of Bayek following it, trying to find Mutemwiya's body.

Hallucinations, Mirages, and Illusions in the Hot Desert

Many hallucinations and mirages exist in the desert during daytime. Video above shows many of the rare illusions. Many of the first few illusions are dedicated to the previously mentioned Mutemwiya and her lover. You can see Mutemwiya (carrying a long red scarf) walking in the desert, sometimes pointing at something (her body?). You can also see Mutemwiya's lover with the red scarf walking, or riding a horse/camel. He also occasionally points to a certain direction. Other illusions include the raining locusts, Moses with a staff that turns into a snake, characters from the story riding on the back of your horse, etc.

45 Minutes Walkthrough

You can get a taste of Assassin's Creed Origins by viewing the above first 45 minutes of gameplay on PlayStation Pro.

In-Game Depiction of Great Pyramid of Giza

The game is very thorough in trying to depict the internal areas of the Giza Pyramids. Video above maps out the actual and hypothetical paths you can take inside the Pyramids of Giza. Included are a few Ubisoft changes to allow them to incorporate gaming elements related to Bayek's journey.

Sex Scenes

There are hidden sex scenes if you peek into certain houses.

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