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Elder Scrolls Secrets



The universe of The Elder Scrolls takes place in is called Aurbis, a vast space stretching in all directions. Within this space lies the Aetherius, a plane of spirits and magicka, and is also the home of the Aedra. It is also a place where spirits of the dead go (for example, dead Nord warriors can go to the realm of Sovngarde here). The void of Oblivion resides in Aetherius, and is the home of the Daedra where they have many planes (resembling planets) of Daedra (also called Realms of Oblivion) of which about 20 are known. As mentioned before, these are special places, and not areas where you normally play the games in.

Solar System

The game takes place on regular planets (also called Mundus), mainly on planet Nirn (of which the popular in-game Nirnroot plant is named from). Nirn has two moons, Masser and Secunda. There are at least 8 other planets named after famous gods like Arkey, Mara, Akatosh, Dibella, Julianos, Kynareth, Stendarr, and Zenithar. The main star (what we normally call the Sun) is actually called Magnus, and it and the other stars are holes in the Oblivion letting the light of Aetherius reach us and allowing us to use magicka.

Continents of Nirn

There are many continents on planet Nirn, of which the main one is called Tamriel, where the first game, "The Elder Scrolls: Arena" (1994), took place. Subsequent Elder Scrolls releases took place in smaller areas inside the provinces of Tamriel.
  • Tamriel
    • High Rock
      • Main home of Bretons and Orcs
      • Capital: Daggerfall
      • Location of "The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall" (1996)
    • Hammerfell
      • Main home of Redguards
      • Capital: Sentinel
      • Location of "The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall" (1996)
    • Morrowind
      • Main home of Dark Elves
      • Capital: Mournhold
      • Location of "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind" (2002)
    • Black Marsh
      • Main home of lizard-like people (Argonian), fox-like people (Lilmothiit), and early primitive human natives (Kothringi)
      • Aliases: Argonia
      • Capital: Helstrom (probable)
      • Location of "The Elder Scrolls Travels: Stormhold" (2003)
    • Cyrodiil
      • Main home of Imperials
      • Aliases: Imperial Province
      • Capital: Imperial City
      • Location of "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" (2006)
    • Skyrim
      • Main home of Nords
      • Aliases: Mereth
      • Capital: Solitude
      • Location of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" (2011)
    • Elsweyr
      • Main home of cat-like people (Khajiit)
      • Capital: Torval
    • Valenwood
      • Main home of Wood Elves and Great Apes (Imga)
      • Capital: Falinesti
    • Summerset Isles (Sumurset Isles)
      • Main home of High Elves
      • Capital: Alinor
  • Atmora (north of Tamriel)
    • Main home of Nedes
  • Akavir (east of Tamriel)
    • Inhabited by snow demons (Kamal), snake-like people (Tsaesci), monkeys (Tang Mo), cat-like people (Ka Po'Tun), dragons, and goblins
    • Aliases: Dragon Land
    • Cathnoquey, Esroniet, and Roscrea, and Yneslea are lands that lie between Akavir and Tamriel
  • Yokuda (west of Tamriel)
    • Early home of Redguards
    • Main home of Left Handed Elves
    • Entire continent sank into the sea
  • Thras (west of Tamriel)
    • Main home of slug-like people (Sload)
  • Pyandonea (southwest of Tamriel, below Summerset Isles)
    • Main home of Sea Elves

Secret Location of Pyandonea

The location and size of Pyandonea can be found by examining two games from Bethesda. The game manual from the 1998 game, "The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard" included a section called "A Pocket Guide to the Empire and its Environs" (1st edition) which describes different places in the game. On page 44, it has an entry for Pyandonea: "Far to the south of the Summerset Isles is the island kingdom of Pyandonea". Now, if you look at a certain globe sprite inside the 1996 game "The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall", it depicts a low resolution image of a strip of island landmass south of Summerset Isles, which makes it the Pyandonea island kingdom. Note that in the globe, you can also see outlines of yet another continent even further southwest of that island. Therefore, besides Pyandonea, there is even more land further southwest. Note that the 3rd edition update of "A Pocket Guide to the Empire and its Environs" in the 2006 game, "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Collectors Edition", no longer directly mentions the location of Pyandonea.


There are many races in Elder Scrolls, but those highlighted in bold are the ones that are playable.
  • Orcs
    • Mainly from Tamriel (High Rock province, Orsinium city)
    • Descendants of Aldmer
    • Aliases: Orsimer (because of elven bloodline)
  • Khajiit
    • Mainly from Tamriel (Elsweyr province)
    • Modelled after cats
  • Argonian
    • Mainly from Tamriel (Black Marsh province)
    • Modeled after lizards
  • Humans (Lives in the present)
    • Nords
      • Mainly from Tamriel (Skyrim province)
      • Descendants of Nedes
      • Modeled after Vikings
    • Imperials
      • Mainly from Tamriel (Cyrodiil province)
      • Descendants of Nords, Needs, and Kothringi
      • Modeled after Romans
    • Bretons
      • Mainly from Tamriel (High Rock province)
      • Descendants of Nedes and Aldmer
      • Aliases: Manmer (because of Aldmer elven bloodline)
      • Modeled after British
    • Redguards
      • Mainly from Tamriel (Hammerfell province)
      • Ancestors from Yokuda
      • Modeled after blacks
    • Forsworn
      • Mainly from Tamriel (Skyrim province)
      • Descendants of early Bretons
      • Ancestors from the Reach hold
      • Modeled after Native Americans
  • Humans (Lived mostly in the past)
    • Nedes
      • Mainly from Atmora
      • Ancestors of Nords, Bretons, and Imperials
    • Kothringi
      • Mainly from Tamriel (Black Marsh province)
      • Early natives of Tamriel
      • Probably extinct.
  • Elves (Lives in the present)
    • Altmer
      • Mainly from Tamriel (Summerset Isles province)
      • Descendants of Aldmer
      • Aliases: High Elves
    • Dunmer
      • Mainly from Tamriel (Morrowind province)
      • Descendants of Chimer
      • Aliases: Dark Elves
    • Bosmer
      • Mainly from Tamriel (Valenwood province)
      • Descendants of Ayleid (some interbreeding in the past)
      • Aliases: Wood Elves, Tree Sap People
    • Maormer
      • Mainly from Pyandonea
      • Aliases: Sea Elves, Tropical Elves
    • Falmer
      • Mainly from Tamriel (Skyrim province)
      • Descended from Snow Elves
      • Aliases: Blind Elves, The Betrayed
  • Elves (Lived mostly in the past)
    • Aldmer
      • Ancestor of Altmer, Ayleid, Chimer, Dwemer
    • Ayleid
      • Mainly from Tamriel (Cyrodiil province)
      • Descendants of Aldmer
      • Ancestor of Bosmer (some interbreeding in the past)
      • Aliases: Wild Elves, Heartland High Elves
    • Chimer
      • Mainly from Tamriel (Morrowind province)
      • Descendants of Aldmer
      • Ancestor of Dunmer
    • Snow Elves
      • Mainly from Tamriel (Skyrim province)
      • Ancestor of Falmer
      • Aliases: Falmer (only in the past)
    • Dwarves
      • Descendants of Aldmer
      • Aliases: Deep Elves, Dwemer (because of elven bloodline)
      • Modeled after Chinese
      • Probably in Oblivion
    • Left-handed Elves
      • Mainly from Yokuda
      • Probably evolved into living under the sea, or extinct


The Elder Scrolls universe contains many deities. Many of them share the same origin, or are the same god, but under a different name. Here are the most popular ones according to in-game book "Varieties of Faith in the Empire" by Brother Mikhael Karkuxor.

Common NameCyrodiilSkyrimAltmerBosmerDunmerYokudaBretonyElsweyr
Dragon God of TimeAkatoshAlduin
(World Eater)
(King of the Aldmer)
(King of the Aldmer)
(Mother Morrowind)
(The Worldskin)
(World Eater)
(Dragon King of Cats)
Goddess of BeautyDibellaDibellaDibella
God of Cycle of Life and DeathArkayOrkey
(Old Knocker)
(Tricky God,
God of Nobody Really Cares)
God of Work and Commerce
Trader God
(God of Trials against Adversity)
(God of Toil)
(God of Farms,
God of Agriculture)
Goddess of LoveMaraMaraMaraMaraMorwha
(Teat God,
Fertility Goddess)
God of MercyStendarrStuhn
(God of Ransom)
Goddess of AirKynarethKyne
(Kiss At the End,
Goddess of Storm)
(Bird God,
Spirit of the Air)
God of Wisdom and LogicJulianosJhunal
(Rune God,
God of Hermetic Orders)
the Dragonborn
Tiber SeptimYsmir
(Dragon of the North)
Common NameCyrodiilSkyrimAltmerBosmerDunmerYokudaBretonyElsweyr
God of ManShezarrShor
(God of Underworld)
(The Missing God)
(The Missing God)
(The Missing God)
(The Snake)
(Bad Man)
(Moon Beast)
First Breath of ManMorihaus
God of CursesMalochTrinimacMalacathMalooc
(Horde King)
Worldly GodReman
(The Cyrodiil)
The Woodland Man
Demon of Knowledge
God of SorceryMagnus, MagusMagnus, Magus
Warlock's God
Apprentices' God
God of the Forest
Spirit of 'the now'
God of Ancestry and Secret KnowledgeXarxesXarxes
Hero-God of Summerset IslesPhynasterPhynaster
The Bandit God
Trickster spirit of thieves and beggars
Baan DarBaan Dar
Little Moon God
(Stendarr's Sorrow)
Big Moon God
(Mara's Tear)
Warrior-poet god of the DunmerVivec
(Master of Morrowind)
God of the DunmerSotha Sil
(Mystery of Morrowind)
Prince of PlotsBoethiah
(Anticipation of Almalexia)
Spider God
(Anticipation of Vivec)
Goddess of Dusk and DawnAzura
(Anticipation of Sotha Sil)
God of SchemesMolag Bal
(King of Rape)
The Mad GodSheogorath
('Sithis-shaped hole' of the world)
God of DestructionMehrunes Dagon
Tall PapaRuptga
Orichalc God of the Sideways BladeDiagna
The Make Way God
Spirit of 'perseverance over infidels'
Saint of the Spirit Sword
Goddess of Aberrant Swordsmandship
Sugar GodRiddle'Thar
(Two-Moons Dance)
Lunar Latticeja'Kha'jay
Thief godRajhin


There is a long history (divided by eras) in the Elder Scroll games.
  • Dawn Era
  • Merethic (Mythic) Era
  • First Era
    • Third Century
      • 1E 246: Daggerfall City is founded
    • Twenty-Ninth Century
      • 1E 2837: Black Marsh province of Tamriel is created.
  • Second Era (1E 2921)
    • Fourth Century
      • 2E 309: Elsweyr province of Tamriel is founded.
    • Ninth Century
      • 2E 828: Tiber Septim born (approximate)
      • 2E 896: Tiber Septim conquers Tamriel
  • Third Era (2E 897)
    • First Century
      • 3E 38: Emperor Tiber Septim dies
    • Second Century
    • Third Century
    • Fourth Century
    • Fifth Century
      • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • Fourth Era
    • First Century
    • Second Century
    • Third Century
      • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim Secrets

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