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Play a casino accurate game of BlackJack

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What is your highest pot winnings with default settings (and you left table without continuing)?
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BlackJack 1.1 is an attempt at providing all the variations of blackjack online through settable options. Everything from number of decks, insurance, surrender, splitting hands, doubling down, dealer hitting on soft 17's are included in this game. Features include minimum bet and maximum bet, shuffle mark, blackjack pay ratio, and splitting up to 10 hands (settable).

You WON'T find a blackjack program technically as accurate to the original as this program.

This Java applet has been tested on Internet Explorer. It uses the standard Java JDK, so you need to download the java interpreter if you have not already done so.

Feel free to download and install the latest version of this applet to your webpage from http://www.edepot.com/blackjack.zip

If you install BlackJack on your website, click HERE and I'll provide a link to your website.