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Technology Depot

conquering passion
Welcome to Po-Han Lin's Technology Depot. Here I showcase some technology to the public.

Technology Secrets

With mobility at the forefront of technology, people (and webmasters) of today and tomorrow need the right tools and knowledge to keep up with the ever increasing pace of change. Here are some detailed analysis of some favorite technology.

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PSP Games

Homebrew games for Sony PSP

Windows Programs

Virtual Calc 2000 (Arbitrary Precision Calculator)
Virtual Calc 2000 (Arbitrary Precision Calculator)
NEW Dec, 2007 UPDATE!!: Powerful arbitrary precision calculator in the world for Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP/Vista
Seek The Truth
Internet Ready Program for Seeking the Truth


Extremely Fast Line Algorithm (EFLA) Base Encryption
You can use Virtual Calc 2000 to test this "unbreakable" encryption

Java Programs

BlackJack for Java
Most accurate implementation in the world
Chinese Romanization Converter
Chinese Romanization Converter for Java

Perl Applications

Discussion Forum Dynamic Glossary
eMineSweeper Get Source DBFileUtil

Furniture Designs

Dabbled in some furniture design for personal use. View the whole video for a surprise ending.

Fictional Stories

Master and Disciple (HTML Format)
An eBook with life's lessons


Custom Application Programming

Software Development Services and Consultation
Useful Commands

Shareware Forum
Shareware Group