Netgear WGT634U

The Netgear WGT634U is a media router that has pretty good functionality for daily needs. Although there were some problematic issues when it was first released, recent firmware and knowledge about the working behavior of this device allows one to appreciate its features. This media router was used to connect to the Sony PSP (comes with 802.11b Wi-Fi) using WEP (and later WPA) encryption and a Sony Vaio S (using advanced WPA-PSK encryption). Note that because of the lower-grade encryption on the initial Sony PSP devices, you would need to downgrade all devices in order for all of them to connect at the same time. In other words, even though your notebook or computer supports the more secure WPA, you must use the lowest security level (like WEP for example) if you want to also connect the PSP running the earlier versions of firmware concurrently. For WEP you can manually enter 4 (128-bit) keys at once, and switch between them.

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