Motorola RAZR V3 Mobile Phone

The Motorola RAZR V3 Mobile Phone is probably the thinnest cellphone in the world. Considered the flagship product of Motorola, it packs a lot of features. After the initial release, there has been the V3c, V3i, V3i DG, V3m, and V3x versions that adds features but kept the original styling. Next generation versions of the RAZR keep popping up including the V6, V8, V9, and V9m. This review is mainly for the original V3, but applies to newer models in certain cases. A sample of the more prominant features:

You can surf the internet or download Java games and applications with it. A nice feature via the built-in Bluetooth allows you to use the cellphone as a dial up networking device when the V3 is configured as a GPRS modem. The most interesting thing about this phone, though, is its ability to record and play back 3GP video (a special mobile version of MPEG4 video). Using conversion software, you can convert any MPEG or AVI movie to 3GP and upload it to the cellphone via Bluetooth. Another option is to search for 3GP using the browser and download it directly into the phone. The same applies to MP3 audio. You can actually use this phone in lieu of a MP3 player.

Some of the nicer aspects of this mobile device are noticeable after more careful examination:

Because this phone is so feature-packed, it might be easier to list the features it left out:

But of course the future is coming, so might as well list some predictions...


Because the phone comes with Bluetooth built-in, you can use it to send and receive files with other bluetooth devices. Just turn on Bluetooth on the RAZR V3, and then send files to it via a Bluetooth enabled device. The opposite direction works similarly, but you should initiate "receive file" function first on those machines before sending a file from the RAZR V3.


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