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Death Stranding is the first game by Hideo Kojima, Kojima Productions, after he left Konami. This is a single player game with multiplayer elements.

E3 2018 4th Trailer of Death Stranding: Analysis

Deep analysis of all the gameplay elements revealed in the E3 2018 trailer 4 of Death Stranding. E3 2018 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018. Explains a lot about the game, including how Cryptobiotes (looks like large Tardigrades or "water bears") can be eaten to reduce the effects of the fast aging Timefall rain. Tardigardes can enter cryptobiosis to protect itself. Similarly eating Cryptobiotes can lessen the effects of Timefall rain, allowing your body to protect itself. French actress Léa Seydoux and American actress Lyndsay Wagner are additions to the game characters.

Timefall game mechanic explained. The handprint (footprint) and the quick sprouting and dying of plants nearby under the Timefall rain were probably influenced by the Shishigami (deer god) in the anime film Princess Mononoke. The plants seem to sprout and die only on black sand when Timefall rain is raining on it. One section of the 4th trailer does seem to indicate that perhaps black floaters or the creature with the handprints may need to be nearby.

More details can be seen in the unfolded picture dropped (and picked up) by Sam Porter Bridges. The left character is a pregnant character looking like Léa Seydoux, the middle is definitely an older version of Lyndsay Wagner, and the right character is Norman Reedus. They look like they are in the White House. The pregnant girl probably gave birth to the baby held by Sam. Also, the umbrella most likely repels Timefall rain.

Hideo Kojima released 3 promotional posters when the 4th trailer of Death Stranding was released. The first two are of Lea Seydoux and Norman Reedus. The 3rd one is Lindsay Wagner. Lea Seydoux has a Chiral Allergy tear when you examine her face in detail. Lindsay Wagner seems to have a necklace with a strange pattern that hints at a secret code. Video above attempts to play the transcribed piece, forward and reverse, on the piano.

TGA 2017 3rd Trailer of Death Stranding Trailer: Analysis

All the hidden details seen in Death Stranding Trailer 3 first shown in The Game Awards 2017. In this trailer, once a person is eaten by the tall figures, a Voidout happens (big bang), and you are then sent into Purgatory, where you can reincarnate from a baby inside the stomach. Note that things inside the purgatory are upside-down (including the swimming whales).

Even Metal Gear Survive has incorporated elements from Death Stranding in their games as Easter Eggs. For example, the flying creature outside the ocean in in Death Stranding's purgatory can be seen in Metal Gear Survive as a group of similar but slimmer flyers flying high in the sky.

TGA 2016 2nd Trailer of Death Stranding Trailer: Analysis

Secrets found inside Trailer 2 of Death Stranding first shown in The Game Awards 2016. This game trailer introduces Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen and Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro as two additional characters. Mads Mikkelsen character oozes black goo, but is not really the bad guy, so he may be a protagonist in certain situations. Guillermo Del Toro is seen carrying a baby in a vessel (a big part of the storyline).

Physics Equations

The Pauli Exclusion Principle and its relation to Death Stranding is that during Chiral Allergy (when tears happen), two fermion fields (made up of quarks or leptons) are trying to exist in the same space and time. This happens when the floating transparent figures are in the sky. It also happens when black floaters appear during increase of Chiralium density. Perhaps they are from another dimension and trying to occupy the same space and time in a different dimension. The equations come from a necklace worn by character Sam Porter Bridges (modeled by Norman Reedus).

Stick and Rope (Kojima Tweets)

Hideo Kojima tweeted a bit about how sticks and ropes game mechanics can be incorporated into Death Stranding. Kobo Abe wrote a book called Rope, which is a big influence of how the multiplayer aspect of the game will be in Death Stranding. The short story "Rope" is actually available from two sources: The Stick (棒) from 1950 and An Irrelevant Death (無関係な死) from 1961.

Kojima Productions Mascot: Ludens

The mascot of Kojima Productions is a spaceman wearing a spacesuit. However, if you pay attention to the exposed eyes, it is actually Norman Reedus behind that mask (under the helmet).

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