Ceres : Asteroids Clone for Sony PSP

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Ceres 1.3

Ceres 1.1

Download Ceres 1.3 for PSP firmware 1.0 and 1.5

Ceres : " Asteroids on steroids" for PSP. This is an original homebrew PSP game is very similar to the Asteroids arcade game, but has expanded 3D effects for the ship and asteroids . Ceres is the largest asteroid (or dwarf planet) in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This game is very fast paced.
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In the late 21st century, the world's supply of oil to run the economies of the nations ran out. All the major plant and animal life from the extinct past that provided the carbon for the deep pockets of oil and coal had been converted and recycled into energy to run the engines of transportation and machinery. There were no new pockets of fuel to be found. Emergency reserves of oil were dwindling and being siphoned off for strategic military purposes only. The conversion to using solar energy had been slow and frought with difficulties. Nuclear power plant solutions were using up the last reserves of enriched plutonium and uranium, and the waste by-products were creating more and more enemies of nuclear energy proponents. There were less and less sources of energy to be found. Many wars were fought to hoard energy sources and keep economies of various nations stable. Many nations fell and were at the disposal of a few that directly or indirectly controlled the supply.

By the 22nd century, new sources of energy were being investigated to fuel the daily needs. Converted solar, wind, and water flow energy only met partial consumption needs. Natural gas, liquid, and solid chemicals that were combustible or provided a catalyst to energy production were being considered, but sometimes they took more energy to create than they produced. Bacteria and organisms were made that produced energy by-products by eating supplied chemicals. Experiments with these bio-energy yielded some success to the extent that mining for these chemicals became the next "oil".

In the 23rd century, it was found that naturally occuring chemicals on other planets and asteroids provided another source of supply. Large quantities of naturally occuring methane and hydrogen were being mined on planets and shipped home at less cost than producing them on earth. New sources of nuclear fuel were also found and these events started a rush to the planets and asteroids .

With this rush came the colonization of other planets and to a small extent large asteroids like Ceres in the asteroids belt. From Ceres to the planets and the other stars. However, small floating asteroids caused major damage to fast moving space vehicles. Destroying these space rocks became in effect an important job before any major mining or colonization mission. The first of these asteroid destroying tasks came when the first colonization and mining of asteroid Ceres commenced.

Thus in this game Ceres , your mission is to first destroy these floating asteroids during missions to other asteroids , planets, and stars. Along the way you will meet other competitors that try to shoot you down in the lawlessness of space.

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