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Pixel Starships Galaxy is an 8-bit retro graphics type game by Savy Soda. You command a starship from one of three factions (Federation, Pirate, or Qtarian) and battle other players or against NPC starships. Your ship can contain multiple rooms that can hold multiple crew members. Many room types can be upgraded multiple times (using Gas or Minerals) and crew members can also be leveled up (from 1 to max 40 using experience points). In addition, upgrading your ship (from level 1 to max level 12 using Minerals) increases space for placing more rooms.

Crew Rarity

There are many different crews you can obtain, each being from one of 7 rarity types (delineated by number of stars or an emblem):
  1. Common (1 Star)
  2. Elite (2 Stars)
  3. Unique (3 Stars)
  4. Epic (4 Stars)
  5. Hero (5 Stars)
  6. Special (Shield Emblem)
  7. Legendary (Eagle Emblem)

You can merge two crews with same rarity to yield one higher rarity crew by putting the two lower rarity crews into the same bedroom and selecting Prestige option. The highest possible rarity is Legendary. Note that Special crews can't be prestiged (those with the Shield emblem), and two Hero crews merged together will yield a Legendary crew member (not a Special crew rarity). The recipe for what two crews yield which crew changes every 3 months. Crew members that are 3 stars or higher have a special ability that is unlocked when they are level 10 or higher.

All Crew Abilities in Pixel Starships Galaxy

Here are all 14 Crew Abilities in Pixel Starships Galaxy:

Crew AbilityDescription
ArsonSets the current room on fire for NUMBER seconds.
Blaze WalkAutomatically sets the current room on fire for NUMBER seconds.
BloodlustDouble combat speed for NUMBER seconds.
Critical AttackDeals NUMBER damage to the current targeted enemy crew.
Cryo BlastStops the actions of all enemy crews in the current room for NUMBER seconds.
First AidRestores NUMBER hp to self.
Healing RainRestores NUMBER hp to all friendly crews in the current room.
Phase ShiftForms a shield that prevents all attacks and abilities targeting this crew for NUMBER seconds.
Poison GasDeals NUMBER damage to all enemy crews in the current room.
Rush CommandIncreases reload progress of current room by PERCENTAGE.
Stasis ShieldShields the current room from all attacks and abilities for NUMBER seconds. The affected room cannot be activated for the durations of the ability.
System HackDelays the current room's reload progress by NUMBER seconds and destroys all non-barrier type Modules inside the room. Will not trigger on unpowered rooms.
Ultra DismantleDeals NUMBER damage to the current room.
Urgent RepairRepairs current room for NUMBER damage.

Again, crews with abilities need to be level 10 or higher in order to use them (mainly via A.I. commands). Also, the NUMBER and PERCENTAGE above vary depending on level, type, training, and rarity of crew.

Crew Easter Eggs: Similarities to Real People (or Fictional Heroes)

Although the names have been obscured, many of the crew members in Pixel Starships resemble historical characters or famous fictional characters in games or films. Some crew names are exactly the same as historical characters from Three Kingdoms period of China. Here is listing of some of them:

Crew NameCrew DescriptionResembled NameResembled Description
Admiral SerenaOnce a star athlete, she's decided to turn her considerable talents to the business of space flight.Serena WilliamsFamous Tennis Player.
AstronautThat's one small step for man, one giant leap for a mobile game.Neil ArmstrongFirst man on the Moon.
AbuRuns a side business safely removing snakes from ship ventilization.Abu Zarin HussinFamous snake whisperer.
Bad UncleFirst generation synthetic human. Spends as long to style hair as real human.Roy BattyLeader replicant from Bladerunner movie.
BarotDocuments all the cultures of the galaxy, but in a profoundly obnoxious fashion.Borat SagdiyevFrom Borat movie.
BoganDrank beer until DNA mutated. Developed regeneration ability.LoganJames "Logan" Howlett is Wolverine.
Captain Mack SwallowA Pirate King turned Starship Captain.Captain Jack SparrowPirates of the Caribbean movie character
CathulhuAn ancient and inscrutable evil, luckily very easy to distract with a ball of yarn.CthulhuCosmic entity created by author H. P. Lovecraft
ChihuahuaUses a whole bottle of shampoo every day.ChewbaccaFrom Star Wars movie.
Countess MiyokoVoted 'most likely to overthrow the empress' in her high-school yearbook. Her parents couldn't be more proud.Empress MichikoJapanese Emperor Akihito's Wife
Demon BoyActually a really nice guy.HellboyFrom Dark Horse Comics
DoloresA female tutorial synth. Reminds you of the days back at the academy.DoloresDolores Abernathy from Westworld
Gong Fu girlA martial artist out ot prove herself the equal of any man.Chun-LiFrom Street Fighter arcade games.
Green Ranger - OliverEven the infinite void of space cannot hide wrongdoers from justice!Tommy OliverPower Rangers
Huge HellaloyaOnce partied with a thousand cute cadets; now hangs around Starship staff quarters.Hugh HefnerFounder of Playboy magazine
IchigoIf he's got a bat, stand back! This guy hits like no one else!Ichiro SuzukiFamous Japanese baseball player
JesusHe's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!Jesus ChristChristianity
King DongFavourite Food: Banana. Favourite Toy: BarbieKing KongFamous gorilla monster movie
King SalamanderEverything he owns is made of gold. Even his clothes, somehow.King SalmanSaudi Arabia King: Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
Leon MarsWants to ship his car to Mars.Elon MuskFounder of SpaceX and Tesla
LionheartBorn to be king.Richard the LionheartKing Richard I of England
Mad JacksonAsk anyone who knows him, he's not really mad. He's furious!Nick FuryNick Fury played by Samuel Jackson
MayaMachina Project. Second Generation Synthetic Human. Loves and Cries, like a real Human.AvaFrom "Ex Machina" Movie
McdonaldsA plumber turned professional boxer.Conor McGregorIrish mixed martial artist.
MichelleWants to either marry a president, or BE a president. She isn't choosy about which.Michelle ObamaUS President Barack Obama's Wife
Miss JaneAn escapee from a top-secret Federation facility, she was gifted with the inexplicable power of pyrokinesis.Jean GreyPhoneix Force: Marvel Comics superhero
Monkey KingThe first monkey to successfully captain a ship.Sun Wukong (孫悟空)Monkey in Journey to the West
Mr CrayAn angry young man, always goofing around with a screwdriver.The DoctorFrom Doctor Who.
Nezha'I Never Compromise.' - NezhaNezha (哪吒)Taoist protection deity.
Paralympic GodSpend decades working out the rules of the universe... then realised he forgot to carry the one.Stephen HawkingBritish physicist with ALS.
PaulGets his shirt off at every opportunity.PutinRussia president
PinkzillaMany an unwary shipmate has been eaten whilst laughing at this surprisingly powerful creature.GodzillaFrom Japanese monster movie
Private BrianMany have died trying to save him.Private RyanFrom Saving Private Ryan movie.
RoboRobArtificial life, superior technology. Pay no attention to the man inside.Optimus PrimeFrom Robotron.
Robyna HootsGood with a bow, which doesn't mean much in an age of lasers.Robin HoodRobbed rich and gave to poor.
RonAlways seems to have a soccer ball on his person. Where is he keeping them?RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo wearing no. 7 shirt
SakuraPleasant, shy, loves death metal and punk music.Sakura GakuinBabymetal spinoff of Sakura Gakuin
Salon CustomerHangs out at the local basketball court.Kim Jong-unSupreme Leader of North Korea
SCVI am a machine but I know what love is! - thunder_kiss_65 (July 2016 Winner).SCVSpace Construction Vehicle from Starcraft
StevoCrikey! He has a pet crocodile.Steve IrwinFamous Austrailian crocodile hunter.
Stove TopsWas CEO of a popular fruit company.Steve JobsFounder of Apple company.
TimberFor a professional golfer, this tiger spends a lo tof time in the woods.Tiger WoodsProfessional golpher.
The Red BaronHardened by a hundred sorties, this Flying Ace has never lost a dogfight.Manfred von RichthofenGerman WWI Fighter Pilot
Transport DriverHe's not so bad, just don't touch his car.Frank MartinThe Transporter movies starting Jason Statham
WillyI am Legend(ary)Will SmithMain actor From "I Am Legend" movie
Crew NameCrew DescriptionResembled NameThree Kingdoms Description
Cao CaoAn Ancient Chinese Emperor. What is he doing here!?Cao Cao (曹操)Famous warlord.
Da QiaoOlder sister of Xiao Qiao, gifted musician and dancer.Da Qiao (大橋)Big Qiao sister.
Dong ZhuoOld, crotchety, kind of a perv.Dong Zhuo (董卓)Killed by Lu Bu.
Guan YuLong beard, loves green.Guan Yu (關羽)One of Five Tiger Generals under Liu Bei.
Liu BeiLikes to drink tea with his army friends.Liu Bei (劉備)Famous warlord.
Lyu BuA powerful warrior, still hasn't worked out how to talk to girls.Lu Bu (呂布)Nicknamed Flying General.
Ma ChaoHero or traitor? You be the judge. A brave leader of the Three Kingdoms.Ma Chao (馬超)One of Five Tiger Generals under Liu Bei.
Meng HuoSeven times captured, seven times freed! A powerful warrior of the Three Kingdoms.Meng Huo (孟獲)Shu Han area.
Xiahou DunWhat could be more hardcore than eating your own eye? A courageous general of the Three Kingdoms.Xiahou Dun (夏侯惇)Served under Cao Cao.
Zhang FeiHot tempered and smelly.Zhang Fei (張飛)One of Five Tiger Generals under Liu Bei.
Zhao YunThey call him the Dragon Warrior, even though he is self-evidently human.Zhao Yun (趙雲)One of Five Tiger Generals under Liu Bei.
Zhuge LiangLikes board games, cheats remorselessly.Zhuge Liang (諸葛亮)Shu Han area.
Xiao QiaoYounger sister of Da Qiao, gifted scholar and philosopher.Xiao Qiao (小橋)Little Qiao sister.

How To Get Mining Drone and Mine For Materials

How to get Mining Drone and location of all 10 Mineable Planets in the game Pixel Starships: Galaxy. Video shows a map of the galaxy of stars and where you can mine planets for Carbon, Iron, Gold, Silicon, and Titanium (2 planets possible for each material). There currently is no way to mine for Dark Matter. There is a Mining 102 mission (at Sirius star for Pirate faction, Alpha Centauri star for Federation faction, and Tau Ceti star for Qtarian faction) that allows you to get extra Mining Drones with each visit. You can get a maximum of 3 Mining Drones for 1 Starbux each, but for each drone, you must plant it (drill for material) before you can get another Mining Drone. Also, the planets where you can mine won't be activated unless you have a free Mining Drone in your inventory. Note that the max number of mining drones you can mine at the same time has changed across different versions. The 10 Planet's star system (and associated material fragments you can mine) are:

  • Epsilon Aurigae: Carbon
  • Pilgrimage: Carbon
  • Betelgeuse: Gold
  • Epsilon Eridani: Gold
  • Ross 128: Iron
  • Ross 248: Iron
  • Gliese 1: Silicon
  • Pylon: Silicon
  • Osiris 2: Titanium
  • Tycho: Titanium

Mining 102 Location (by faction)
  • Pirate: Sirius
  • Federation: Alpha Centauri
  • Qtarian: Tau Ceti

Video also shows how to warp to any planet fast (even across the galaxy) by finding a midway point and press "Rush Travel" if the travel time is less than 5 minutes. At the end of the video you get an example of combining fragments into upgraded materials and a sample PVP battle using edepot's Level 12 starship. Also, members of edepot's fleet are shown if you are interested in joining a fleet in Pixel Starships: Galaxy.

Get answers to these questions:
Where do I get a mining drone?
How many planets can you mine from?
Can you get more than one mining drone?
What materials can you mine?
Where are the locations of all mineable planets?

Pixel Starships: Galaxy (PSSG) is a mobile game available for iOS and Android devices. Gameplay from iPad version of PSSG..

Tips and Tricks

Joining a Fleet

Join a fleet when your starship reaches level 4. You can do this by building a Fleet Council room, clicking on it, then select Search. Search for "edepot" and join if you wish to join a top 100 fleet that also has a Starbase. Fleets with a starbase will help damage your opponent when you do PvP against other players. In addition, you can borrow crew members from other fleet members (more than supported by number of Bedrooms you have). As a bonus, edepot fleet has a Starbux Printer.

Starbux Printer

The Starbux Printer in the fleet Starbase gives out free Starbux once per day for every fleet member. The Starbux printer can be upgraded to give out max 4 Starbux per day for each fleet member. Each member only needs to visit the Starbase and click on the free Starbux icon once per day to get the 4 Starbux (the icon represents however much Starbux is given for that day for each member, not 1 Starbux).

Room Armor

Try to place armor around small powered rooms (those that occupy 1 or 2 width spaces). Armor must be next to the room touching it (diagonally placed armor does not count). You may not have enough armor to guard every room, so protect the small powered rooms first, then continue to larger powered rooms. Smaller rooms are weaker than larger rooms, and needs more armor. Once you have done that, put armor modules (Succulent, Sandbags, etc) inside powered small rooms occupying 2 width spaces first, continuing to the powered larger rooms. A room is powered if it has green little squares above the room. Non-powered rooms have greater innate armor protection, so worry about the powered rooms first. One easy pattern of Armor placement is two horizontal parallel lines of Armor. The middle between the two Armor lines you would place 1 and 2 width rooms (and imporant rooms like Shield Generator and Teleport rooms). The top and bottom layer of the two Armor lines, you place 3 width rooms.

Attacking Strategies

There are many techniques to win battles against other starships. One technique is to teleport many crews to the other ship (telespam) to do damage to their reactors (energy generators), crew, or other types of rooms. Another is to only use Penetrator missiles to bypass room armor and damage the enemy starship's hull directly (penspam). One common late stage strategy is to have many Legendary crews having equipments that increase stats or abilities. These crew members then stand in important rooms to enhance the room's reload rate (rate of fire, rate of shield restoration, etc). You should set the A.I. of all your weapon rooms to target the same enemy room type (focus fire). In addition, target the smaller rooms, as they are weaker. One easy technique is to PP or PD weapons to take down enemy shields and then the rest of the weapon rooms focus fire on the enemy Anti-Air room or other 1 or 2 width rooms. Because enemy powered rooms can be repaired by their crew (sometimes using high hp crew with good repair stats or abilities), it may be worth it in special cases to focus fire on a 2 width non-powered room that has no armor protection. Non-powered rooms can't be repaired, so damage to the starship's hull with regular weapons can't be interrupted. The tradeoff is that non-powered rooms have by default higher innate armor protection.

Room Stats and Crew Stats

All crew members (including 1 star and 2 stars rarity) have innate stats that increases reload rate of rooms just by standing in them. These stats are in addition to the crew abilities only available to 3 stars rarity and up crews. The important room related stats are WPN (weapon), ENG (engineer), PLT (pilot), and SCI (science). By looking at the profile of a room, you can know its stats type, allowing you to know what crew (having high compatible stats) should be placed in them.

Get Dolores Synth Robot Fast

Dolores is a female Synth (robot) that is of Special rarity (like the captain you got in beginning of the game). Dolores is very useful against the standard 3v3 turn-based ground missions, as she can use her Cyro Blast ability to freeze enemies in place for multiple turns. All Dolores parts (head, chest, arms, legs) are available eventually if you play long enough. The first one you get is her head and you can only get of them, then other parts come when you complete missions or the pop in missions when you first run the game. Save some Starbux to purchase her extra parts. Because you can only get one head, you can't make multiple Dolores synths. Note that Dolores can't equip any equipment, but she makes up for it in that she can attack twice per turn during turn-based ground missions.

Rush to Level 12 Starship

Your starship can be leveled up from level 1 to max level 12. Although many people say to upgrade the rooms first before upgrading your starship, a better strategy is to upgrade your starship to level 12 as soon as possible. This gives you more space to put more rooms and also unlocks better types of weapon rooms only available at higher level starships. Your rooms may be weaker in the beginning, but they are more than offset by number of extra rooms and better weapon rooms available. There are 3 special starships made for each faction later in the game when you reach level 11 or 12 that offers a lot of space for your rooms (call T1 Grids). You need to research Advanced Starships Technology Research to purchase these faction locked ships using only minerals (no Blueprint or Starbux required). It is also suggested that you research Starship Hull Expansion Research so that you can purchase the Extended Hull option for your starship for 1500 Starbux. Extended Hull versions of your starships unlock T2 Grids, allowing you to move your storage type rooms to the T2 extra grids opened up just for them. After doing this, your normal T1 Grids will have the space for important non-storage rooms. The following are the level 12 starships for each faction, and the special faction locked advanced starship below it. Note that although the advanced Qtarian starship has less room, the hybrid flat design allows for more efficient room placement. Also, the Scavenger Hulk has a lot of grid space, so choose Pirate faction if you want lots of grid space for rooms in endgame.

FactionStarship NameT1 GridsT2 GridsTotal
PiratePirate Titan29930329
PirateScavenger Hulk34148389
FederationFederation Titan29734331
FederationFederation Assault Titan30830338
QtarianQtarian Titan31734351
QtarianQtarian Hybrid Titan30828336

Other Special Ships

If you are not satisfied with the faction ships, you can also buy special ships using Blueprints, Starbux, or both. One of the latest updates provided these 3 starships with lots of grid space for 3000 Starbux (but you should also extend them to Extended Hull versions using 1500 Starbux). Note that Advanced Starships Technology Research needs to be researched for these ships to be purchasable.

Starship NameT1 GridsT2 GridsTotal
Alpha Piscium Megalith33360393
Super Rock Destroyer34656400
Fleetbreaker's Wrath35060410

Below is a video showing good room layout for two endgame starships: Level 12 Scavenger Hulk Extended and Level 12 Fleetbreaker's Wrath Extended. Use the video to see how to organize a pretty good layout for rooms, elevators, and armor.

Finish the Daily Missions

One of the fastest way to earn experience is to do the daily missions. At level 12 Starship, the available daily missions will sometimes drop 1000 EXP, 3000 EXP, or 10000 EXP items. You can use the 10000 EXP version to quickly level up any crew from level 35 to level 40. You can normally do 9 planets worth of daily miasions spread out across the galaxy. These planets are highlighted light blue in color and each planet has 3 (sometimes 4) missions you can do each day. By finishing the daily missions, many low level crew members will have enough EXP to level up. In addition you will have accumulated a lot of minerals and gas to upgrade your crew or rooms.

Multiple Farming Accounts

Pixel Starship Galaxy may be geared towards Pay-to-Win, but it is possible to play casually without spending any real money. You can register multiple emails and use multiple devices to command many starships. Each of those accounts can watch about 40 ads per day to get around 120 Starbux each per day. The gBay market can be used to transfer bux between your accounts. One technique is to have one main starship account and multiple farming accounts. The main account will sell items in the market for hundreds of Starbux, then you buy those items back using your farming accounts to transfer the Starbux from your farming accounts to your main account. So for example, if you have 3 accounts, you can get 120 Starbux per day on your main account and 192 per day from your two farming accounts (240 minus the 20% gBay transaction fee). Suggested item to use for selling is the Weak Growth Supplement. The community of players has decided to price this item high in Starbux to transfer Starbux, but also sell cheaply with minerals or gas. This provides a very high and very low daily average in price, so that gBay Buyer Protection is not triggered. gBay Buyer Protection will prevent other players from buying any item you put for sale if it far exceeds the average high market price. If in the future the Weak Growth Supplement is gBay protection locked when you try to buy, find other items that have big differences between low and high price, and use that to transfer Starbux. Your farming accounts can also be used to transfer gas and minerals as well (sell small crates for high gas or minerals from your main account), so you can quickly level up your rooms or crew on your main account.


Try to research ability to place multiple modules in rooms from your Laboratory as soon as possible. Then put Sandbags (or upgraded versions) in each of your 2 grid wide rooms. Place Water Sprinker (or upgraded versions) in important rooms (Reactor, Teleport, Shield Generator, Super Weapons, etc). Also, place mines in your Reactor rooms because enemy boarders usually attack your energy generating rooms first.

Mine 3 Planets Daily

One of the things you should always do each day (or when you log in) is to place 3 mining drones on 3 different planets. You can mine what you think is important for crafting items, but I find that the best way is to mine 2 silicon resource planets and and an iron resource planet. You can sell the Silicon material for gas and the iron material for minerals or use them to craft Sandbag (6 silicon), Proximity Mine (6 iron), and Water Sprinker (7 iron, 1 silicon) modules. Mining is a great way for your farming accounts to accumulate minerals, gas, or modules needed by your main account. In fact, your farming accounts don't even need to do any PvP or daily missions, but just collect iron and silicon to be converted into stuff needed by your main account.

Get Starbux Fast

A trick to gain Starbux is to wait for the daily shop sale, buy the item (if it can be sold), and then put it on the gBay market the next day at 50% to 100% higher in price (or wait how many days until the price goes back up to normal). The daily shop sale item is usually highly discounted in price, providing a great way to earn Starbux if you resell it at normal price. Even if you miss a daily shop sale, the item is available for purchase for 30 days if you pay an extra 20% penalty. Simply visit Pixel Starships Website, log in, and go into the Sales section. The Daily Dropship also provides discounted items for sale. The first dropship usually has crew and if you dimiss it, the second dropship with items will appear.

Mineral and Gas Swaps

Once you have accumulated more minerals or gas than can fit in your Mineral Storage or Gas Storage, extras get lost if you try to claim more. It is possible to keep about 2 ot 3 Million extra minerals or gas in the inbox by moving them from the storage into your inbox. To do this, sell a small mineral crate or small gas crate priced in 500k mineral or 500k gas (the overflowing material you want placed in your inbox) in the market. Then make a comment in public chat saying "min swap" or "gas swap". People will buy your crate, putting 500k mineral or gas into your inbox. Now the buyer of your item will put your crate back into the market for you to buy back (at the same price). Once you buy the crate back, the 500k mineral or gas will be taken from your storage. Your storage can now be freed up to get more mineral or gas, with the freed up material now in your inbox. Do this swap multiple times until all the minerals or gas are taken out of your storages. Note that you lose about 20% during each transaction, but it is better than throwing them away when your storage is full.


You should buy every bedroom you see on the daily shop sale. These bedrooms give you ability to place more crew on your starship. The standard Bedroom holds 5 crew and you can get three of them. The extra bedrooms you can buy usually holds only one crew. However, the exception is the Aquarium bedroom, which can hold 2 crew if you upgrade it. Here is a listing of all 10 different types of Bedrooms:
  • Bedroom (5 crew)
  • Captain's Quarters
  • Cryopod
  • Car Garage
  • Aquarium (2 crew)
  • Xmas Tree
  • Oven
  • Graveyard
  • Cat House
  • Dog House
Note that the Dog House is the only one requiring purchase with real money. Along with your three standard Bedrooms, if you buy every bedroom type above (limited to one each), you can have 25 permanent crews on your starship. In addition, you can borrow a maximum of 3 crews from other fleet members through your Fleet Council room, but these crew are temporary, returning after their time is up (usually less than a day). You can set up a system of having an alternative account that holds specific crew that is constantly borrowed by your main account, thereby allowing your main account to constantly have 28 crew members.

Boost Gauge

The Boost Gauge can be researched in the Lab room and allows you to speed up construction time of rooms for free. There is a limited amount of boost time (time is upgradable with a higher Boost Gauge research). Note that you cannot research Boost Gauge unless you log in from Steam (PC) or MacOS version of Pixel Starships: Galaxy. So if you play on Apple mobile devices (running iOS like iPhone, iPad), you can simply download the game on a PC or MacOS, research it there, and the Boost Gauge will now show up on the iOS device version of Pixel Starships: Galaxy.

Special Rooms (Switchable)

There are special rooms that once constructed, you can change (or switch) different types of weapons on them.
Medium Weapons Platform (MWP) is a 3 grid wide room that can hold Photon Disruptor (PD), Laser Blaster (LB), or Railgun (RG)
Small Weapons Platform (SWP) is a 2 grid wide room that can hold Photon Phaser (PP), Minigun (MG), or Irradiator (IR)
Defense Platform (DP) is a 2 grid wide room that can hold Avenger Defense System or Seeker Defense System

The Photon weapons are good against enemy shields. The Irradiator is good against enemy crew.

Room Skins and Alternative Variations

Many rooms in Pixel Starships Galaxy can have graphical skins that can be applied to them. These skins are cosmetic only and do not affect performance of the rooms. Normally, you can revert the room skin back to the default appearance. In addition, some rooms have Alternative Variations, which means you don't apply a skin to a room, but rather you buy a specific variation of a room. Once you buy one variation of a room, you can't later buy the other variations.
The following are original rooms you can apply a skin (or get alternative variations):

Room NameSkin or VariationsComments
Captain's QuartersLove Quarters
Velvet Sanctuary
GraveyardGraveyard SkinHas Candles
CryopodZakian CryopodVariation
BridgeCosmic Bridge
Fleet CouncilHYDRA龍 CouncilSkin
EMP CannonRemodeled EMP Cannon
Warp EMP Cannon
TeleportGalaxy Gate
Med BayHealing Pod
Hydra Pod
EngineWarp Drive
HYDRA龍 Engine
BolterGalactic Bolter
Laser BlasterGalaxy BlasterBuild in Medium Weapons Platform
Hydra Venomizer
Build in Small Weapons Platform
Ion CannonGalactic Ion Cannon
Mineral Mining LaserMineral Mining Laser - Soda Edition
K BlasterKias Phaser
Multi Missile LauncherKS Multi Missile Launcher
Mineral StorageAutomated Mineral Vendor
Hydra Mineral Vault
Serious WorkshopHYDRA WorkshopVariation
LaboratoryGenetic Laboratory
HYDRA龍 Laboratory
Power CapacitorColored Power Capacitor
Small BeaconBeacon of Radiance
Danger Beacon
Disintegrator GateZaki Tentacle Garden
Spin Gym
Wheel Gym
Zaki Dragon Gym
2 Width
Galaxy GymOlympics Pool
Zaki Dragon Gym
3 Width
ArmorHydrascale Armor
Radiant Scale Armor
RadarSubspace Radar
Cloak GeneratorHologram Projector
Chromatic Hologram Projector

Special Events

There are various special events throughout the year: Chinese New Year (Lucky Coins), Thanksgiving (Turkey), Easter (Bunny), Halloween (Pumpkins) and Christmas (Gifts).

Unlock Secret Graveyard Skin during Halloween

Video above shows how to unlock a secret Graveyard skin for the Graveyard bedroom using a Carving Knife and Scary Pet Pumpkin. During October, the two weeks Halloween Spooktacular event gives out free Pumpkins. If you have 10 of them, you can upgrade (combine) them to make a Pet Pumpkin. Afterwards, use the Carving Knife on the Pet Pumpkin (by selecting upgrade option on one of them) to craft a Scary Pet Pumpkin (knife will be lost in the process). Only captains can have a pet, so find your captain and equip the Scary Pet Pumpkin that gives you +22% Ability. After crafting the Scary Pet Pumpkin, the Graveyard bedroom now has an option to upgrade to the newly unlocked Graveyard skin. You can also switch Graveyard skin back and forth (from the old to new and back again). Later in the video, see edepot's pretty good room layout of a Level 12 Scavenger Hulk Extended Hull starship. Note that if you missed the Graveyard room or the Carving Knife from the daily store sales, you can log in to the main pixelstarships website (Sales section) and get a second chance of getting them using Starbux (at a bit higher price). Join edepot fleet to get into tournaments and get free doves to trade in for prizes. Gameplay walkthrough on iPad Pro version of Pixel Starships Galaxy.

Hear Christmas Songs during Christmas

During Christmas, the music of the loading screen and the background asteroids and stars change to reflect a holiday spirit (this is in addition to changes in graphics also). You can hear jingle bells and similar sounds in the songs.

Armor, Weapons, Pets, Accessories, and Modules

Your crew should be equipped with appropriate gear for the task they specialize in. Boarders and defenders should have high HP and ATK stats. Crews that mostly stand in certain rooms should have matching equipment that enhance the same stats for that room. For example, the Shield Generator room should have crew wearing high SCI stats. Note that equipments can have different rarity. The highest rarity is Legendary equipment, which normally adds a second bonus stat named Random +??. The Random stat is revealed when you purchase the equipment from the Daily Shop, or shown already when others are selling them on the gBay market. During endgame, try to prestige all your crew to Legendary crew, and have each wearing appropriate Legendary gear. As an example, a boarder should get a Skullmet having ATK +.9 and a bonus of HP, STA (Stamina), or more ATK. Note that crews normally can only wear 2 equipment, out of the following five types: Head, Body, Legs, Weapon, and Accessory. Only your starting captain can have more than 2 slots, and your captain is the only one that can equip a Pet. The following is a list of gear and modules in Pixel Starships: Galaxy.

Head Item Name Effects Bonus Type Crafting Requirements Carbon Iron Silicon Gold Titanium Dark Matter Unknown Unobtainium
Combat Helmet ATK +.2 Head 6
Improved Combat Helmet ATK +.3 Head 6 Combat Helmet 6
Golden Combat Helmet ATK +.4 Head 5 Improved Combat Helmet 5
Epic Combat Helmet ATK +.6 Head
Stealth Hood ATK +.1 Head 3 2
Stealth Hood MKII ATK +.3 Head
Stealth Hood MKIII ATK +.5 Head
Stealth Hood MKIV ATK +.7 Head
Prototype Stealth Hood ATK +.7 Random +?? Head 3 Stealth Hood MKIV 1
Skullcap ATK +.1 Head 3
Skullmet ATK +.3 Head
Horned Skullmet ATK +.5 Head
Raider Skullmet ATK +.7 Head
Captain's Skullmet ATK +.9 Random +?? Head 4 Raider Skullmet 1
Dark Kitty Mask ATK +.4 Head
Daft Kittus Helmet ATK +.6 Head
Daft Dad Kittus Helmet ATK +.8 Random +?? Head 4 Daft Kittus Helmet 2
Viking Helmet ATK +.3 Head
Legion Helmet ATK +.5 Head
Zaki Dragon Helmet ATK +.7 Random +?? Head
ZD Helmet ATK +.7 Random +?? Head
Thug Life ATK +.3 Head 5 80's Sunnnies 5
Assault Helmet HP +1 Head 7 Improved Combat Helmet 7 7
Heavy Assault Helmet HP +2 Head 6 Assault Helmet 10
Dark Matter Helmet HP +3 Random +?? Head 3 Heavy Assault Helmet 3
Pink Scarf HP +1 Head
Head Lice HP +1 Head
Ragdoll Mask HP +2 Head
Blue Ragdoll Mask HP +2 Random +?? Head
Qtarian Goggles RPR +.1 Head 3
Salvager Headgear RPR +.3 Head 2 Qtarian Goggles 2
Scrapper Headgear RPR +.5 Head 2 Salvager Headgear 1
QT-F Foreman Helm RPR +.7 Head
Santa Hat RPR +.2 Head
Iron Face Protector RPR +.3 Head 6
Steel Face Protector RPR +.5 Head
Visiri EVA Helm RPR +.4 Head
Steampunk Helmet RPR +.8 Head
Steampunk Visiri Helm RPR +1 Random +?? Head
Detritus Master Helm RPR +1 Random +?? Head
Raider Mask WPN +4 Head 6
Elite Raider Mask WPN +7 Head 4 Raider Mask 9
Block Hat WPN +5 Head 8
Visiri Gunner Helm WPN +6 Head 10 5 5
Visiri Gunner Helm II WPN +7 Head 3 Visiri Gunner Helm 20 5
Visiri Gunner Helm Alpha WPN +7 Random +?? Head 3 Visiri Gunner Helm II 10 1
Xmas Helm WPN +5 Head Christmas Event
Xmas Helm MK. II WPN +7 Head Christmas Event
Tin Helmet SCI +6 Head 5 Improved Combat Helmet
Blue Helmet SCI +9 Head
Plague Doctor Mask SCI +8 Head
Plague Surgeon Mask SCI +9 Random +?? Head
Engineering Cap ENG +3 Head 8
Fancy Engineering Cap ENG +6 Head
Crazy Engineering Cap ENG +7 Head
Engi-Exo Helm ENG +4 Head
Engi Combatant Helm ENG +6 Head
Reindeer Ears ENG +5 Head
Alpha Reindeer Ears ENG +7 Head
Overhauler Helm ENG +8 Head
Overhauled Helm ENG +8 Random +?? Head 3 Overhauler Helm 1
Eggs-Ray Specs ENG +8 Head 100 Carrotene
80's Sunnies PLT +2 Head 5 3
Parth Dunk Helmet PLT +5 Head 20 3
Red Parth Dunk Helmet PLT +6 Head
Varth Dader Helmet PLT +7 Head
Armored Flight Helm PLT +5 Head
Ace Helm PLT +5 Head
Silver Racing Helmet PLT +12 Head
Red Racing Helmet PLT +12 Head
Fire Warden Hat RST +25 Head
Fireman Mask RST +45 Head
Combat Fire Warden Helmet RST +55 Head
Draconian Helmet RST +60 Head 4 Improved Combat Helmet 18
Elite Draconian Helmet RST +70 Head 4 Draconian Helmet 40
Trooper Draconian Helmet RST +70 Random +?? Head
Recycled Air Disease Inhibitor RST +80 Random +?? Head
Flashy Mask STA +13 Head
Rose STA +20 Head
Rabbit Ears ABL +9 Head
Gold Samurai Helmet ABL +17 Head 4 Golden Combat Helmet 25
Anonymous Mask ABL +18 Head
Emoji Helmet ABL +18 Head
Body Item Name Effects Bonus Type Crafting Requirements Carbon Iron Silicon Gold Titanium Dark Matter Unknown Unobtainium
Stealth Suit ATK +.1 Body 3 2
Stealth Suit MKII ATK +.3 Body
Stealth Suit MKIII ATK +.5 Body
Stealth Suit MKIV ATK +.7 Body
Prototype Stealth Suit ATK +.7 Random +?? Body 3 Stealth Suit MKIV 1
Golden Combat Armor ATK +.5 Body 5 Improved Combat Armor 3
Viking Armor ATK +.4 Body 5 Combat Armor
Legion Armor ATK +.6 Body 4 Viking Armor
Daft Kittus Armor ATK +.6 Body
Combat Armor HP +1 Body 7
Improved Combat Armor HP +2 Body 5 Combat Armor 7
Titan Armor HP +3 Body 7 Improved Combat Armor 30
Dark Matter Armor HP +3 Random +?? Body 3 Titan Armor 3
ZAKI龍 Heavy Armor HP +3 Body
Santa Costume HP +1 Body
Visiri EVA Armor RPR +.4 Body
Steampunk Armor RPR +.8 Body
Red Shirt WPN +5 Body 20
Red Officer Uniform WPN +8 Body 3 Red Shirt 5
Red Marksman Jacket WPN +8 Random +?? Body
Visiri Gunner Armor WPN +6 Body 10 5 5
Xmas Armor WPN +5 Body Christmas Event
Xmas Armor MK. II WPN +7 Body Christmas Event
Blue Shirt SCI +5 Body 20
Blue Officer Uniform SCI +8 Body 3 Blue Shirt 5
Tin Armor SCI +7 Body
Blue Armor SCI +11 Body
Plague Doctor Robe SCI +10 Body
Plague Surgeon Robe SCI +11 Random +?? Body
Mechanics Apron ENG +3 Body 10
Engi-Exo Suit ENG +4 Body
Engi Combatant Armor ENG +6 Body
Reindeer Costume ENG +5 Body
Alpha Reindeer costume ENG +7 Body
Overhauler Armor ENG +8 Body
Overhauled Armor ENG +8 Random +?? Body 3 Overhauler Armor 1
Cottontail Armor ENG +8 Random +?? Body 300 Carrotene
Yellow Shirt PLT +3 Body 20
Yellow Officer Uniform PLT +7 Body 3 Yellow Shirt 5
Federation Jumpsuit PLT +3 Body 3 2
Federation Fatigues PLT +6 Body
Federation Combat Coat PLT +10 Body
Federation Officer Armor PLT +13 Body
Armored Flight Suit PLT +5 Body
Dogfighter Flightsuit PLT +7 Body
Ace Flightsuit PLT +10 Body
Silver Racing Suit PLT +12 Body
Red Racing Suit PLT +12 Body
Hot Rod Armor RST +30 Body
Fire Warden's Jacket RST +30 Body
Dragon Armor RST +50 Body
Draconian Armor RST +65 Body
Hi-Yield Disease Repellent Attire RST +80 Body
Flashy Uniform STA +15 Body
Soccer Jersey STA +28 Body
Assault Armor ABL +12% Body 7 Improved Combat Armor 7
Heavy Assault Armor ABL +20% Body 6 Assault Armor 7
Unobtainium Heavy Assault Armor ABL +20% Random +?? Body
Lucky Red Jetpack ABL +21% Body 150 Lucky Red Coin 8 8
Leg Item Name Effects Bonus Type Crafting Requirements Carbon Iron Silicon Gold Titanium Dark Matter Unknown Unobtainium
Viking Leg Armor ATK +.4 Legs
Legion Leg Armor ATK +.5 Legs 4 Viking Leg Armor
Stealth Pants ATK +.1 Legs 3 2
Stealth Pants MKII ATK +.2 Legs
Stealth Pants MKIII ATK +.4 Legs
Stealth Pants MKIV ATK +.6 Legs
Prototype Stealth Pants ATK +.6 Random +?? Legs 3 Stealth Pants MKIV 1
Daft Kittus Pants ATK +.5 Legs
No Pant pour la femme ATK +.6 Legs
Zaki Airs ATK +.5 Random +?? Legs
Hitchhiker's Towel HP +1 Legs
Dragon Leggings RPR +.2 Legs
Visiri EVA Greaves RPR +.4 Legs
Steampunk Pants RPR +.7 Legs
Prototype Visiri Gunner Greaves WPN +5 Legs 4
Visiri Gunner Greaves WPN +6 Legs 1 Prototype Visiri Gunner Greaves 1
Enhanced Visiri Gunner Greaves WPN +7 Legs 1 Visiri Gunner Greaves 1
Visiri Master Gunner Greaves WPN +7 Random +?? Legs 2 Enhanced Visiri Gunner Greaves 1
Xmas Armor Leggings WPN +5 Legs Christmas Event
Xmas Leggings MK. II WPN +6 Legs Christmas Event
Tin Leggings SCI +6 Legs
Blue Leggings SCI +12 Legs
Plague Doctor Slacks SCI +11 Legs
Plague Surgeon Slacks SCI +12 Random +?? Legs
Mechanics Pants ENG +2 Legs 10
Engi-Exo Boots ENG +4 Legs
Engi Combat Boots ENG +7 Legs
Reindeer Pants ENG +5 Legs
Alpha Reindeer Pants ENG +7 Legs
Overhauler Boots ENG +8 Legs
Overhauled Boots ENG +8 Random +?? Legs 3 Overhauler Boots 1
Moccasins ENG +8 Legs 100 Carotene
Federation Jumpsuit Pants PLT +3 Legs 3 2
Federation Slacks PLT +6 Legs
Federation Combat Pants PLT +10 Legs
Federation Officer Pants PLT +11 Legs
Armored Flight Boots PLT +5 Legs
Ace Sabatons PLT +10 Legs
Silver Racing Pants PLT +11 Legs
Red Racing Pants PLT +11 Legs
Fire Warden Pants RST +25 Legs
Hot Rod Leggings RST +30 Legs 5 2 2
Draconian Legging RST +50 Legs
Combat Pants STA +5 Legs 6
Improved Leg Armor STA +9 Legs 6 Combat Pants 7
Golden Combat Leggings STA +20 Legs 6 Improved Leg Armor 7
Epic Leg Armor STA +30 Legs 5 Golden Combat Leggings 7
Dark Matter Legging STA +35 Random +?? Legs 3 Epic Leg Armor 2
Maglock Boots STA +6 Legs
Santa Boots STA +8 Legs
Pants STA +10 Legs 12
Flashy Pants STA +10 Legs
Soccer Shorts STA +28 Legs
Pilgrim's Pants ABL +16% Legs "5 Acorn 4 Cosmic Cornucopia"
Plymouth Pants ABL +20% Legs "3 Pilgrim's Pants 5 Acorn"
Polaran Pants ABL +20% Random +?? Legs 3 Plymouth Pants
Lucky Red Underwear ABL +16% Legs 60 Lucky Red Coin 6 4
Weapon Name Effects Bonus Type Crafting Requirements Carbon Iron Silicon Gold Titanium Dark Matter Unknown Unobtainium
Flintlock Phaser ATK +.1 Weapon
Personal Phaser ATK +.2 Weapon 8 2
Laser Pistol ATK +.3 Weapon 7 Personal Phaser 7
Gold Laser Pistol ATK +.4 Weapon 5 2 5
Laser Rifle ATK +.5 Weapon 5 Laser Pistol 7 7
Dark Matter Rifle ATK +.6 Weapon 4 Laser Rifle 2
DMR MK. II ATK +.7 Random +?? Weapon
Crowbar ATK +.2 Weapon 8
Broken Beer Bottle ATK +.2 Weapon 3
Xmas Pistol ATK +.5 Weapon Christmas Event
Ancient Rifle ATK +.6 Weapon
Carving Knife ATK +.7 Weapon
Small Axe ATK +.2 Weapon
Medium Axe ATK +.4 Weapon
Large Axe ATK +.6 Weapon
Cai Dao ATK +.3 Weapon 35
Golden Cai Dao ATK +.6 Random +?? Weapon 9 Cai Dao 88
Chopsticlaw ATK +.6 Random +?? Weapon
Mini Cannon ATK +.7 Random +?? Weapon
Zaki Rifle ATK +.7 Random +?? Weapon
UScrew Wand 3000 ATK +.5 Weapon 4 UScrew 7
Med Spoon HP +1 Weapon 8
Triggered Med Spoon HP +2 Weapon
Scoped Med Spoon HP +3 Weapon 8 Triggered Med Spoon 1
Gauntlet HP +1 Weapon 7 7
Fit-Fist HP +2 Weapon
Iron Fist HP +3 Weapon 3 Fit-Fist 1
Power Guantlet HP +4 Weapon 4 Iron Fist 2 1
Tin Shield HP +1 Weapon
Heavy Shield HP +2 Weapon "3 Tin Shield 3 Sandbags" 5
Riot Shield HP +3 Weapon "2 Heavy Shield 3 Concrete Barrier" 5
Energy Shield HP +4 Weapon "3 Riot Shield 3 Steel Barrier 1 Focus Shiv"
Mag-Loader WPN +2 Weapon 4 2
Mag-Loader Pro WPN +4 Weapon
Gravity Loader WPN +6 Weapon 6 Mag-Loader Pro 2
Snow Launcher WPN +6 Weapon
Power Drill RPR +.3 Weapon 6
Modified Power Drill RPR +.5 Weapon 5 Power Drill
WTF Power Drill RPR +.7 Weapon 4 Modified Power Drill
Steampunk Rifle RPR +.8 Weapon
Screwdriver RPR +.2 Weapon 4
UScrew RPR +.4 Weapon 3 Screwdriver 6
Mega Screw RPR +.6 Weapon
Pliers SCI +1 Weapon 4
Heavy Pliers SCI +3 Weapon
Micro Sampler SCI +2 Weapon 8
Bore Sampler SCI +4 Weapon
Sample Scanner SCI +7 Weapon
Charged Lance SCI +6 Weapon 5 5 12
Power Lance SCI + 7 Weapon "2 Charged Lance 2 Power Drill" 10
Champion Lance SCI +8 Weapon "2 Power Lance 2 UScrew" 20 15
Storm Lance SCI +8 Random +?? Weapon
Wrench ENG +1 Weapon 5
Double Wrench ENG +2 Weapon
E-Clamp ENG +1 Weapon 5
Mecha-Clamp ENG +3 Weapon
Corporeal-Clamp ENG +5 Weapon 5 Mecha-Clamp 1
The 'Screw Hydra' ENG +8 Random +?? Weapon
Lightdriver ENG +8 Random +?? Weapon
Egg Finder ENG +6 Weapon 150 Carrotene
Egg Finder MKII ENG +7 Random +?? Weapon "100 Carrotene 2 Egg Finder"
Pilot Sidearm PLT +1 Weapon 6
Phone ABL +7% Weapon 5 1
Phone Extra Regular ABL +10% Weapon 4 Phone 6
Extra Small Phone ABL +15% Weapon 5 Phone Extra Regular 10
Extra Small Phone Max ABL +18% Weapon 6 Extra Small Phone 20
Second Hand Guitar ABL +6% Weapon 3 3
Electric Guitar ABL +9% Weapon 3 Second Hand Guitar 2
Squiji Guitar ABL +12% Weapon
Gibson ABL +16% Weapon
La Paula ABL +17% Random +?? Weapon
Focus Shiv ABL +14% Weapon 8 1
Zodiaxe ABL +17% Random +?? Weapon 250 Lucky Red Coin 10 10
Accessory Name Effects Bonus Type Crafting Requirements Carbon Iron Silicon Gold Titanium Dark Matter Unknown Unobtainium
Fantom ATK +.2 Accessory 5 2
Maverick ATK +.4 Accessory 6 Fantom 20 15
Spire ATK +.5 Accessory 4 Maverick 18
Raven Swarm ATK +.6 Random +?? Accessory
Soccer Ball HP +1 Accessory
Football HP +1 Accessory
Flying Husky HP +3 Accessory 4 2
King Husky HP +3 Random +?? Accessory
Flying OrangeBun HP +3 Accessory 4 2
Propeller Pig HP +2 Accessory
Flappy Pig HP +3 Accessory
Rocket Pig HP +3 Random +?? Accessory
Toast Cat SCI +9 Accessory 4 2
Guidance Drone WPN +2 Accessory 4
Aimbot WPN +3 Accessory
Aimbot Pro WPN +5 Accessory
Snowball Cannonn Assistant WPN +6 Accessory
Qtarian Mini-Satellite ENG +3 Accessory
QT-02 Worker Drone ENG +5 Accessory
QT-AT Mech-Drone ENG +7 Accessory
QT-E Mobilizer ENG +9 Accessory
QT Mechworks Drone ENG +11 Random +?? Accessory 4 QT-E Mobilizer 1
Sentinel ATK +.2 Accessory
Dark Sentinel ABL +5 Accessory 5 Sentinel
Handybot 2000 RPR +.3 Accessory 6 1
Handybot 3000 RPR +.5 Accessory 3 Handybot 2000 4
Handybot 3500 RPR +.6 Accessory 4 Handybot 3000 6
UFO Drone PLT +1 Accessory 5
Advanced UFO Drone PLT +3 Accessory
Qbot PLT +7 Accessory 2 5 2
Mystic Egg ABL +8% Accessory 1
Mystic Chick ABL +14% Accessory
Young Aldara ABL +17% Accessory
Aldara ABL +19% Random +?? Accessory
Lucky Red Lantern ABL +21% Accessory 150 Lucky Red Coin 8 8
Pet Name Effects Bonus Type Crafting Requirements Carbon Iron Silicon Gold Titanium Dark Matter Unknown Unobtainium
Pet Bunny HP +1 Pet Rabbitat
Pink B HP +1 Pet Rabbitat
Paranoid Bunny HP +1 Pet Rabbitat
Pet OrangeBun HP +1 Pet
Li'l Frosty HP +1 Pet
Perseverance Rover ENG +8 Pet
Pet Hydra ATK +.4 Pet
Pet Pumpkin ABL +20% Pet Halloween Event
Scary Pet Pumpkin ABL +22% Pet "1 Pet Pumpkin 1 Carving Knife"
Module Name Effects Bonus Type Crafting Requirements Carbon Iron Silicon Gold Titanium Dark Matter Unknown Unobtainium
Sandbag HP +2 Module 6
Bricks HP +3 Module 3 Sandbag 2
Concrete Barrier HP +4 Module 3 Bricks 3
Steel Barrier HP +5 Module 4 Concrete Barrier 4
Pot Plant HP +2 Module
Planter Box HP +3 Module 3 Pot Plant 2
Succulent HP +3 Module 3 Planter Box 3
Super Succulent HP +4 Module
Sandbug HP +2 Module
Water Sprinkler RST +50 Module 7 1
Pressure Sprinkler RST +60 Module 5 Water Sprinkler
Foaming Sprinkler RST +70 Module 6 Pressure Sprinkler
Pneumatic Sprinkler RST +80 Module 7 Foaming Sprinkler
Proximity Mine ATK +4 Module 6
C4 Mine ATK +6 Module 3 Proximity Mine 1
Semtex Mine ATK +8 Module 5 C4 Mine
Nuclear Mine ATK +10 Module 6 Semtex Mine
Xmas Deco Mine ATK +4 Module Christmas Event
Xmas Grenade Mine ATK +6 Module 3 Xmas Deco Mine
Xmas Gift Mine ATK +8 Module 5 Xmas Grenade Mine
Retro Game Console ATK +10 Module
Cryo Mine 120 Module 5 1
2017 Tournament Reward Effects 2018 Tournament Reward Effects
D.R.A.G.O.N Samurai Helmet ABL +19 Hat Season 2018 HP +2
2019 Tournament Reward Effects 2020 Tournament Reward Effects 2021 Tournament Reward Effects
2019 Rainbow Helm ABL +21 2020 Amethyst Helm HP +4 2021 Amethyst Helm WPN +8
2019 Rainbow Armor ABL +21 2020 Amethyst Armor HP +4 2021 Amethyst Armor WPN +9
2019 Rainbow Greaves ABL +20 2020 Amethyst Greaves HP +3 2021 Amethyst Greaves WPN +7
2019 Rainbow Sabre ABL +21 2020 Amethyst Hammer HP +4 2021 Amethyst Techstaff WPN +7
2019 Rainbow Drone ABL +21 2020 Amethyst Tank HP +4 2021 Amethyst Drone WPN +7
2019 Chimera Helm ABL +21 2020 Obsidian Helm HP +4 2021 Obsidian Helm WPN +8
2019 Chimera Armor ABL +21 2020 Obsidian Armor HP +4 2021 Obsidian Armor WPN +9
2019 Chimera Greaves ABL +20 2020 Obsidian Greaves HP +3 2021 Obsidian Greaves WPN +7
2019 Chimera Sabre ABL +21 2020 Obsidian Hammer HP +4 2021 Obsidian Techstaff WPN +7
2019 Chimera Drone ABL +21 2020 Obsidian Tank HP +4 2021 Obsidian Drone WPN +7
2019 Class S Helmet ABL +14 2020 Class S Helmet HP +2 2021 Class S Helmet WPN +6
2019 Class S Armor ABL +14 2020 Class S Armor HP +2 2021 Class S Armor WPN +7
2019 Class S Pants ABL +13 2020 Class S Greaves HP +2 2021 Class S Greaves WPN +5
2019 Class S Sabre ABL +14 2020 Class S Hammer HP +2 2021 Class S Techstaff WPN +5
2019 Class S Drone ABL +14 2020 Class S Tank HP +2 2021 Class S Drone WPN +5
2019 Class S Helmet MKII ABL +17 2020 Class S Helmet MKII HP +3 2021 Class S Helmet MKII WPN +7
2019 Class S Armor MKII ABL +17 2020 Class S Armor MKII HP +3 2021 Class S Armor MKII WPN +8
2019 Class S Pants MKII ABL +16 2020 Class S Greaves MKII HP +3 2021 Class S Greaves MKII WPN +6
2019 Class S Sabre MKII ABL +17 2020 Class S Hammer MKII HP +3 2021 Class S Techstaff MKII WPN +6
2019 Class S Drone MKII ABL +17 2020 Class S Tank MKII HP +3 2021 Class S Drone MKII WPN +6
2019 Class S Helmet MKIII ABL +21 2020 Class S Helmet MKIII HP +4 2021 Class S Helmet MKIII WPN +8
2019 Class S Armor MKIII ABL +21 2020 Class S Armor MKIII HP +4 2021 Class S Armor MKIII WPN +9
2019 Class S Pants MKIII ABL +20 2020 Class S Greaves MKIII HP +4 2021 Class S Greaves MKIII WPN +7
2019 Class S Sabre MKIII ABL +21 2020 Class S Hammer MKIII HP +4 2021 Class S Techstaff MKIII WPN +7
2019 Class S Drone MKIII ABL +21 2020 Class S Tank MKIII HP +4 2021 Class S Drone MKIII WPN +7
2019 Class A Helmet ABL +14 2020 Class A Helmet HP +2 2021 Class A Helmet WPN +6
2019 Class A Armor ABL +14 2020 Class A Armor HP +2 2021 Class A Armor WPN +7
2019 Class A Pants ABL +13 2020 Class A Greaves HP +2 2021 Class A Greaves WPN +5
2019 Class A Sabre ABL +14 2020 Class A Hammer HP +2 2021 Class A Techstaff WPN +5
2019 Class A Drone ABL +14 2020 Class A Tank HP +2 2021 Class A Drone WPN +5
2019 Class A Helmet MKII ABL +17 2020 Class A Helmet MKII HP +3 2021 Class A Helmet MKII WPN +7
2019 Class A Armor MKII ABL +17 2020 Class A Armor MKII HP +3 2021 Class A Armor MKII WPN +8
2019 Class A Pants MKII ABL +16 2020 Class A Greaves MKII HP +3 2021 Class A Greaves MKII WPN +6
2019 Class A Sabre MKII ABL +17 2020 Class A Hammer MKII HP +3 2021 Class A Techstaff MKII WPN +6
2019 Class A Drone MKII ABL +17 2020 Class A Tank MKII HP +3 2021 Class A Drone MKII WPN +6
2019 Class A Helmet MKIII ABL +21 2020 Class A Helmet MKIII HP +4 2021 Class A Helmet MKIII WPN +8
2019 Class A Armor MKIII ABL +21 2020 Class A Armor MKIII HP +4 2021 Class A Armor MKIII WPN +9
2019 Class A Pants MKIII ABL +20 2020 Class A Greaves MKIII HP +4 2021 Class A Greaves MKIII WPN +7
2019 Class A Sabre MKIII ABL +21 2020 Class A Hammer MKIII HP +4 2021 Class A Techstaff MKIII WPN +7
2019 Class A Drone MKIII ABL +21 2020 Class A Tank MKIII HP +4 2021 Class A Drone MKIII WPN +7
2019 Class B Helmet ABL +12 2020 Class B Helmet HP +1 2021 Class B Helmet WPN +5
2019 Class B Armor ABL +12 2020 Class B Armor HP +1 2021 Class B Armor WPN +6
2019 Class B Pants ABL +11 2020 Class B Greaves HP +1 2021 Class B Greaves WPN +4
2019 Class B Sabre ABL +12 2020 Class B Hammer HP +1 2021 Class B Techstaff WPN +4
2019 Class B Drone ABL +12 2020 Class B Tank HP +1 2021 Class B Drone WPN +4
2019 Class B Helmet MKII ABL +14 2020 Class B Helmet MKII HP +2 2021 Class B Helmet MKII WPN +6
2019 Class B Armor MKII ABL +14 2020 Class B Armor MKII HP +2 2021 Class B Armor MKII WPN +7
2019 Class B Pants MKII ABL +13 2020 Class B Greaves MKII HP +2 2021 Class B Greaves MKII WPN +5
2019 Class B Sabre MKII ABL +14 2020 Class B Hammer MKII HP +2 2021 Class B Techstaff MKII WPN +5
2019 Class B Drone MKII ABL +14 2020 Class B Tank MKII HP +2 2021 Class B Drone MKII WPN +5
2019 Class B Helmet MKIII ABL +17 2020 Class B Helmet MKIII HP +3 2021 Class B Helmet MKIII WPN +7
2019 Class B Armor MKIII ABL +17 2020 Class B Armor MKIII HP +3 2021 Class B Armor MKIII WPN +8
2019 Class B Pants MKIII ABL +16 2020 Class B Greaves MKIII HP +3 2021 Class B Greaves MKIII WPN +6
2019 Class B Sabre MKIII ABL +17 2020 Class B Hammer MKIII HP +3 2021 Class B Techstaff MKIII WPN +6
2019 Class B Drone MKIII ABL +17 2020 Class B Tank MKIII HP +3 2021 Class B Drone MKIII WPN +6
2019 Class C Helmet ABL +12 2020 Class C Helmet HP +1 2021 Class C Helmet WPN +5
2019 Class C Armor ABL +12 2020 Class C Armor HP +1 2021 Class C Armor WPN +6
2019 Class C Pants ABL +11 2020 Class C Greaves HP +1 2021 Class C Greaves WPN +4
2019 Class C Sabre ABL +12 2020 Class C Hammer HP +1 2021 Class C Techstaff WPN +4
2019 Class C Drone ABL +12 2020 Class C Tank HP +1 2021 Class C Drone WPN +4
2019 Class C Helmet MKII ABL +14 2020 Class C Helmet MKII HP +2 2021 Class C Helmet MKII WPN +6
2019 Class C Armor MKII ABL +14 2020 Class C Armor MKII HP +2 2021 Class C Armor MKII WPN +7
2019 Class C Pants MKII ABL +13 2020 Class C Greaves MKII HP +2 2021 Class C Greaves MKII WPN +5
2019 Class C Sabre MKII ABL +14 2020 Class C Hammer MKII HP +2 2021 Class C Techstaff MKII WPN +5
2019 Class C Drone MKII ABL +14 2020 Class C Tank MKII HP +2 2021 Class C Drone MKII WPN +5
2019 Class D Helmet ABL +12 2020 Class D Helmet HP +1 2021 Class D Helmet WPN +5
2019 Class D Armor ABL +12 2020 Class D Armor HP +1 2021 Class D Armor WPN +6
2019 Class D Pants ABL +11 2020 Class D Greaves HP +1 2021 Class D Greaves WPN +4
2019 Class D Sabre ABL +12 2020 Class D Hammer HP +1 2021 Class D Techstaff WPN +4
2019 Class D Drone ABL +12 2020 Class D Tank HP +1 2021 Class D Drone WPN +4

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