The Last of Us Part 2 - Secrets, Tips, and Easter Eggs

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The Last of Us 2 is an apocalyptic scenario game where you play as Ellie and a few other characters near zombie infested Seattle, Washington. The game was made by Naughty Dog.

Out of Map in The Last of Us Part 2

Get Out of Map in Seattle Downtown from the game The Last of Us Part II (TLOU2). Explore the hidden areas and the streets outside of the normal map boundary. Find out what is inside inaccessible buildings and crawl through secret tunnels (near blue glass building, which is the Seattle Public Library). The video explores the streets of 4th and Madison and 4th and Spring. 4th street is outside of the map, and is located west of the Ruston Coffee Shop in the northwestern section of the Seattle Downtown map during Seattle Day 1 from the game The Last of Us Part 2. In addition, a secret hidden safe is located near the area (unlock combination is 0451). By exploring these out of bounds areas, you can know better how the game is developed and how the layers of graphics are designed to give a good representation of downtown Seattle. Gameplay from PS4 Pro version of The Last of US 2.

Make Ellie a flying fish that can swim anywhere, including out of map, in the game The Last of Us Part II (TLOU2). By going to a special location (the first lookout that Ellie and Dina visits), you can get Ellie to pop on top of a window ledge and then hop across outside the normal game boundary. From there, climb and drop from a cliff, scurry across snow to a large rock. Then make a dash into a small forest and emerge at a clearing of a sloped snow. At this point you can jump to freedom out of map (and over the invisible wall). Explore the land around the cabin where Ellie and Dina leashed their horses. Examine streams and houses in the distance. In the Last of Us Part 2, you can change the Accessibility options to have infinite breath, so you can swim underwater indefinitely. With this option on, you can swim underwater and then emerge in the air to swim anywhere in the map, including going back to visit Dina, hovering in the air like a swimming fish. Gameplay walkthrough on PS4 Pro version of The Last of Us 2.

Ride Ski Lift in The Last of Us Part II. It is possible to reach the Aerial Lifts (Gondola). By hopping onto a Fence at the right moment, Abby can go under the water, swim towards the window of a building, and reach the ski lifts. If you touch the ski lifts, they swing back and forth under real physics. In addition, find areas where the horde won't attack Abby. This part of the game is from the Jackson: Horde chapter, where Abby is trying to follow the foot patrol and find out the location of Joel. Abby then navigates through the landscape to find Safety. Gameplay walkthrough on PS4 Pro version of The Last of Us Part 2 (TLOU2). The Last of Us 2 is a survival game from Naughty Dog.

4 Super Secrets from the game The Last of Us Part II (TLOU2). Video shows many things you will miss unless you pay attention to the small details or enter places that are normally blocked off. The Last of Us Part 2 includes many areas just for cutscenes, but under certain circumstances, you can actually enter those places and examine them under free roam. Included in video are the following: The secret third tape in Eugene's hideout (besides Smash Brandi's Cooch and Dong of the Wolf). Go to the broken bridge in the distance when Ellie and Dina are at the first lookout. Create a portal to hell by unloading certain buildings and rooms from graphical chokepoints in the game. Enter the Glaze Point Lodge and see the Bison Trail Ski Lodge up close. Included in the secret room are a Tea/Coffee area, a wine and dine register, 6 pictures from the old times, souvenir shop selling shirts, and other resting areas with magazines, tables, and seating benches. These and many other hidden things are shown in the gameplay from PlayStation 4 Pro version of That Last of Us 2.

More incredible details revealed in the game The Last of Us 2 (TLOU2). Video goes deeper into the gameplay to examine all the things Naughty Dog put into the game to make it an AAA graphics game. Many times people will skim over areas in the game to reach the goal and not notice the little details. This video attempts augment your journey so you can stop and smell the flowers along the way from the game The Last of Us Part II. Video shows the following:
Wind will affect path of falling streams of water, making them sway.
Sound effect changes of bottle muffled gun shots.
Accuracy of weapon enhancements:
+ammo = extended barrel cartridge
+accuracy = eyesight attachment
+stability = heavier parts (metal or darker wood)
Multiple redundant paths (doors open and closes).
Breaking car windows allows peeking inside.
Enemies losing limbs will crawl a limited path.
Future of cartoons in apocalypse.
Ingenious use of restroom graffiti to open safes.
Climbing and jumping off head of dinosaur.
Making Joel swim in the air at the museum.
Making Ellie have strange eyes.
These and other details shown in PlayStation 4 Pro version of The Last of Us Part 2.

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