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Yin Yang (Ying Yang) Scroll Paintings

Yin and Yang

In Taoism, Yin and Yang abound, and recycle back and forth. A famous story illustrates:

Once upon a time there lived a farmer in the three kingdoms of China.
This farmer had a son who worked the farm with the help of a horse.
The horse ran away one day.
The local farmers came and said, "How unlucky, your horse ran away."
The farmer said, "Perhaps."
The next day, the horse came back, but was followed by a whole herd.
When the local farmers found out, they said, "You have great luck."
Again, the farmer said, "Perhaps."
Another day passes, and the farmer's son broke his leg while riding some of the new horses.
The local farmers again came, and this time they said, "What bad luck, your son broke his leg."
The farmer repeated, "Perhaps."
On the fourth day, the emperor's army were recruiting for the army and because of the son's broken leg, did not recruit him.
The local farmers this time said, "What great luck, your son did not get recruited."
The farmer again, repeated, "Perhaps."

Thus, like the Yin and Yang, sometimes unlucky situations lead to lucky situations.

Here are the immortal people who have limited serialized painting of Yin and Yang, by a master painter in China. Each scroll comes with a free scroll container and is actually painted and shipped from China. The shipping method is SAL (Surface Air Lifted), which takes approximately 4-5 weeks.
yin yang

Yin Yang - Serial #1

Christina Marden
Concord, New Hampshire
yin yang

Yin Yang - Serial #2

Juanita Smith
Columbus, Ohio
yin yang

Yin Yang - Serial #3

Brent Barnes
San Diego, California
yin yang

Yin Yang - Serial #4

Glen Kinsey
Kalispell, Montana
yin yang

Yin Yang - Serial #5

Sylvia Van Bruggen-Kouwen
Lelystad, Netherlands
yin yang

Yin Yang - Serial #6

Shaw Wairegi
Houston, Texas
#7: Robert Turner, Nashville, Tennessee
#8: Nicholas Ledesma, Ithaca, New York
#9: Almost Free Graphics, Covina, California
#10: Kris Cole, West Chester, Ohio
#11: Michael Rotman, Cedar Park, Texas
#12: Steve Cramer, Palm Springs, California
#13: I. Perez, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
#14: D. Constantine, Portland, Oregon
#15: R. Lee, Ladera Ranch, California
#16: R. Ziolkowski, Warszawa, Poland
#17: C. Yoelin, La Grange, Illinois
#18: R. Ripley, Glen Carbon, Illinois
#19: S. Campo, Stoneham, Maine
#20: R. Weaving, Leesburg, Virginia
#21: S. R. Kammer, Pisa, Italy
#22: S. Steinbrueck, Racine, Wisconsin
#23: C. Stanton, Colorado Springs, Colorado
#24: P. De Strez, Ardres, France
#25: T. Sakaev, Fairfield, Connecticut
#26: C. G. Graziella Travel SRL, Napoli, Italy
#27: M. Rebic, Zagreb, Croatia
#28: W. E. Weber, APO, AE, United States
#29: M. Friend, Queensland, Australia
#30: C. Stevens, Pulaski, Tennessee
#31: G. D. Biagi, Austin, Texas
#32: R. Gordon, Windsor, Connecticut
#33: R. Aquino, Keaau, Hawaii
#34: C. Ramirez, Bronx, New York
#37: J. Goldfine-Middleton, San Diego, California

Yin Yang Scroll
Price: USD $35.00

Direct order next available serial number: SOLD OUT!

The painted part of the Yin Yang scroll is about 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall. Including the scroll portion increases the height by another 2 feet. Note that the Yin Yang color may differ from image shown.

The scrolls you see on this page were painted (calligraphy) by a master painter in China. Each one is serialized with a number and actually shipped from China. The shipping method is via SAL (Surface Air Lifted) and takes approximately 4-5 weeks to ship from China. Click on the "Buy Now" button to custom order one made for you.

Rotating Yin Yang for Sony PSP

Rotating Yin Yang for PSP If you possess a Playstation Portable (PSP), you can download Taoism Qi free and place it in your PSP's memory stick to run it on your PSP. Taoism Qi is a rotating Yin Yang that you can control with the analog stick.

Hello. I will introduce Dao De Jing's description of Yin Yang. This is Yin. This is Yang. This is the Yin Yang symbol. If Yin represents female, then Yang represents male. If Yin represents weak, then Yang represents strong. If Yin represents few, then Yang represents abundant. If Yin represents dark, then Yang represents light. If Yin represents bad, then Yang represents good. The world isn't this simple though. Only two sides. Like this Yin Yang symbol, circling around. If Yin goes around, more Yang appears. If Yang becomes more, Yin appears. The world is like this Yin Yang symbol, circling around. Within bad there is good. Within good there is also bad.

In discussing Yin Yang, there is a story. There once was a farmer with a horse. One night he forgot to close the barn. The horse escaped. The neighbor came over and said, "What misfortune, you lost a horse". The farmer did not say anything. Two days later, the horse returned. Another horse followed it home. Farmer was delighted but didn't speak. Later, the neighbor came over again. "What fortune! You have more horses." The farmer was quiet. The horse gave birth to a small horse. The farmer's son wanted to train it. But one day fell and broke his leg. Neighbor came ore again and said, "What misfortune from new horse." The framer did not reply. Shortly after the country went to war, the generals came looking for infantry. All the young sons were drafted. The farmer's son wasn't drafted, because his leg was broken. Later the neighbor came by again. He said, "What fortune because of injury, you are not drafted to war!" So in life, when things are bad, don't give up because good is just around the corner (of Yin Yang).

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