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Chinese Stitch Handwork

About Chinese Cross Stitch Handwork

The Chinese Stitch Handwork is a classic type of cloth cross-stitch embroidery artwork from China. Each canvas fabric is sewn (knitted) by hand with individual threads representing each individual color for the scenery painting depicted. These type of art became very popular during the Qing and Han dynasties, and were popular during the ancient China Silk Trade Route popularized by Marco Polo's tales. It is a very painstaking process with many artworks requiring an average of a month's time to stitch together. You are purchasing a beautiful fully completed handmade traditional art piece on cloth, which you can mount for display or re-use as decoration cloth (like pillows or other similar purposes.) These artwork are mostly made by people who enjoy creating them as a hobby. So in purchasing, you are supporting a labor of love, rather than slaves of labor.
Chinese Handwork Flower

Chinese Stitch Handwork Number 1: Flowers

closeup of the stitch handwork: flowers
Closeup of Stitches in Flower

Price: USD $200.00

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