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Wu Wei (WuWei) Calligraphy Scrolls

Wu Wei - From Dao De Jing

Here are the immortal people who have limited serialized calligraphy of the Chinese characters "Wu Wei" from the Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing), by a master painter in China.
wu wei

Wu Wei - Serial #1

East Gate Health Associates Inc.
Greensboro, North Carolina
wu wei

Wu Wei - Serial #2

Theresa M Vella
Sag Harbor, New York
wu wei

Wu Wei - Serial #3

Charles Martin
Boulder, Colorado
wu wei

Wu Wei - Serial #4

Steve Drum
Valrico, Florida
wu wei

Wu Wei - Serial #5

East Gate Health Associates, Inc.
Greensboro, North Carolina
wu wei

Wu Wei - Serial #6

Eric Galindo
Woodland, California
#7: Ryan Kuratko, Alexandria, Virginia
#8: Jon Heeren, Fresno, California
#9: Sylvia Van Bruggen-Kouwen, Lelystad, Netherlands
#10: Hans Posey, Washington DC
#11: Michael Blume, Bad Vilbel, Germany
#12: Michael Rotman, Pine Mountain Club, California
#13: Jeremy Minick, Evansville, Indiana
#14: Donald Macdonald, Rocklin, California
#15: Linette Vik, Oslo, Norway
#16: Robert Love, Miami, Florida
#17: Tristan Brown, Redlands, California
#18: Richard Sant, Redlands, California
#19: Richard Ricks, Vineland, New Jersey
#20: David Crowell, Dayton, Ohio
#21: Richard Ricks, Vineland, New Jersey
#22: Jennifer Gray, East Lothian, United Kingdom
#23: Daniel Laffin, Athens, New York
#24: Michael Afsah-Mohallatee, Alexandria, Virginia
#25: Dave Crowell, Dayton, Ohio
#26: S. Cramer, Palm Springs, California
#27: D. Austin, West Covina, California
#28: J. Sherman, Freeland, Washington
#29: H. Voerman, Menaldum, Netherlands
#30: G. Walker, New South Wales, Australia
#31: J. Milbourne, Durham, North Carolina
#32: H. Horowitz, Los Angeles, California
#33: R. Haskins, Los Angeles, California
#34: D. Sullivan, Ontario, Canada
#35: K. Nguy, San Jose, California
#36: O. Sidko, Montreuil, France
#37: R. Ripley, Glen Carbon, Illinois
#38: R. Weaving, Leesburg, Virginia
#39: P. Watale, Somerville, Massachusetts
#40: J. Badgerow, Alpine, Texas
#41: K. Parker, Las Vegas, Nevada
#42: J. Morrissey, Winchester, Massachusetts
#43: B. Hulet, Ontario, Canada
#44: S. Tedesco, Redford, Michigan
#45: M. Meyer, Santa Barbara, California
#46: H. Kruithof, Hoek, Netherlands
#47: C. Goeken, Napoli, Italy
#48: D. Zerbe, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
#49: J. Simone, Gainesville, Florida
#50: J. B. Leroy, Phoenix, Arizona

#51: K. Thatch, Rocklin, California
#52: T. Kristensen, K0benhavn, Denmark
#53: J. Long, British Columbia, Canada
#54: E. Bargnani, Ontario, Canada
#55: M. Lucini, Lecco, Italy
#56: J. Henry, Denver, Colorado
#57: J. Maher, Shrewbury, Massachusetts
#58: J. Kitchens, Northern Territory, Australia
#59: R. Rankin, Madison, Wisconsin
#60: E. Johnson, Waterville, Maine
#61: M. Friend, Queensland, Australia
#62: J. B. LeRoy, Phoenix, Arizona
#63: L. Pszyk, Birmingham, Alabama
#64: G. D. Biagi, Austin, Texas
#65: T. Stewart, Las Vegas, Nevada
#66: P.T. Grahl, New South Wales, Australia
#67: J. Febish, Sarasota, Florida
#68: R. Gordon, Windsor, Connecticut
#69: A. Jackson, Ontario, Canada
#70: C. Stanton, Monument, Colorado
#71: P. Seip, Queensland, Australia
#72: N. Nikolayev, Kirkland, Washington
#73: B. Dublin, Orlando, Florida
#74: R. Aquino, Keaau, Hawaii
#75: B. Walker, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
#76: M. Sonnenberg, Dublin, Ireland
#77: R. Knight, Queensland, Australia
#78: M. Con, Pasadena, California
#79: T. K. Michael, Las Palmas, Spain
#80: M. Sonnenberg, Dublin, Ireland
#81: M. McKinnon, Peoria, Illinois
#82: L. Sottru, Tubingen, Germany
#83: C. Evert, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
#84: M. Malanik, Mjtenice, Cezech Republic
#85: Brinleigh Studios, Santa Barbara, California
#86: P. SK Tam-Hoy, Keaau, Hawaii
#87: W. Walker, Gary, Indiana
#88: S. Lewis, Kent, United Kingdom
#89: M. Amicangelo, Iron Mountain, Michigan
#90: A. Power, Fort Worth, Texas

Wu Wei Scroll
Price: USD $35.00

Direct order next available serial number:
The dimension of the painting is 2 feet by 3 feet tall. If you include the scroll portion, it increases the height another 2 feet.
The scrolls you see on this page were painted (calligraphy) by a master painter in China.

Each one is serialized with a number and actually shipped from China.

The shipping method is via SAL (Surface Air Lifted) and takes approximately 4-5 weeks to ship from China. Click on the "BuyNow" button to custom order one made for you.
Each scroll order comes with a free plastic shipping tube that can be used for long term storage.

I will introduce Lao Zi Dao De Jing's Wu Wei. This is Wu. This is Wei. Wu means "not" or "without". Wei means "do" or "action". Wu Wei then means "without action". This definition is a little strange. Note that in Lao Zi Dao De Jing before the Wu is another Wei. So the line is really "Wei Wu Wei", or "action without action". A better definition would be: "do things without actually doing". When is it "do things without doing?" When doing things without thinking, very natural, not forced. When doing without trying. For Wei, another way to write it is to add a "person" stroke to the left. This Wei then means "fake". Wu Wei then means "without fake". With the previous Wei on top, means "do things without fakeness". More natural, not forced. Wu Wei.

I will tell a story about Wei Wu Wei. There was a man named Mr. Ding. His profession is a pig butcher, trained as a butcher since little. His skill was legendary, with super fast cuts of the chopper, the meat is cut perfectly to spec. Big or small pieces, always without extras or leftovers. When compared to other butchers, he is super fast super precise. No wasted unnecessary cuts, even the bone has no cut marks. His skill has achieved Wei Wu Wei. So in your travels through life, aim for this goal. Find innate skills that becomes precise and natural without forcing or thinking, like Wei Wu Wei, your life will be full of happiness.

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