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Shareware Resources

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Shareware Archives

File Library Channel 1 File Library home page.
Simtel.Net Simtel.Net home page.
WinSite WinSite home page.

Shareware Distributors

32bit.com ServerFiles.com home page.
SuperFiles.com SuperFiles.com
PC Win Resource Center PC Win Resource Center home page.
Rocket Download Rocket Download home page.
BSoftware.com BSoftware home page.

Shareware On-Line Registration and Payment Services

Paypal Paypal home page.
Kagi Kagi home page.
Reg.net Reg.Net home page.
SetSystems SetSystems home page.

Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks

The Copyright Website The Copyright Website home page.
US Copyright Office Get forms to copyright your works.
US Patent and Trademark Office Get forms to apply for patents and trademarks.