Introduction to Tai Ji Quan

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Tai Ji Quan can be thought of as a physical manipulation or transformation of Qi from Taoism. Just like how Feng Shui is the arrangement of physical elements to meet certain characteristics of Qi, Tai Ji Quan is the art of conditioning the body to be in better harmony with Qi. Many forms of Tai Ji Quan try to cultivate Qi within the body and ways of transforming the native Qi within ourselves to an extent such that the mind and body are in balance with it. The benefits are supposed to be better health and livelihood.

Martial Arts

Daoism martial arts show at the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

It includes some Tai Ji Quan.

Tai Ji Quan Styles

Tai Ji Quan Martial Artist

There are six major styles of Tai Ji Quan, with divisions in some.
  1. Yang style
  2. Wu style
  3. Chen style
    1. Lao Jia
    2. Xia Jia
    3. Xiao Jia
    4. Zhaobao Jia
    5. Hu Lei Jia
  4. Hao style
  5. Zheng Manqing style
  6. Fu style

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