Introduction to Qi Gong

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'Qigong'" (pronounced Chee - Gong) is created by combining two characters in Chinese. The first character, 'Qi', literally air, represents a flowing material of energy that exists in everything and permeates the universe. Through a method of practice, people can learn to interact and utilize the universal energy that exists around and within them. This methodology is called 'Gong'. The Chinese character 'gong' represents the effort placed into Qi practice as well as the power gained through such practice. In other words, Qigong literally means 'the meditation practice of Qi energy'.

For instance, Gong Fu [Kung Fu] and Tai Ji Quan are recognized as excellent exercises for improving an individual's mental and physical dexterity, enhancing one's self-discipline, and for providing a release of tension and relaxation. More specifically, Qigong practice is the meditative component of the more physical Gong Fu and Tai Ji Quan.

Meditative Qigong involves breathing exercises combined with meditation. The breathing exercises help induce the state of meditation and vice versa. Through practice and cultivation one gains feelings of happiness. This in turn stimulates circulation of blood and qi, or life force.

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