Extremely Fast Line Algorithm Variation D (Addition Fixed Point)

Copyright 2001-2, By Po-Han Lin
The following is the source for the Extremely Fast Line Algorithm Variation D (Addition Fixed Point).

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// Extremely Fast Line Algorithm Var D (Addition Fixed Point)
// Copyright 2001, By Po-Han Lin

// Freely useable in non-commercial applications as long as // credits to Po-Han Lin and link to http://www.edepot.com is // provided in source code and can been seen in compiled executable. // Commercial applications please inquire about licensing the algorithms. // // Lastest version at http://www.edepot.com/phl.html // used by myLine void myPixel(SURFACE* surface, int x,int y) { // PLOT x,y point on surface } // THE EXTREMELY FAST LINE ALGORITHM Variation D (Addition Fixed Point) void myLine(SURFACE* surface, int x, int y, int x2, int y2) { bool yLonger=false; int incrementVal, endVal; int shortLen=y2-y; int longLen=x2-x; if (abs(shortLen)>abs(longLen)) { int swap=shortLen; shortLen=longLen; longLen=swap; yLonger=true; } endVal=longLen; if (longLen<0) { incrementVal=-1; longLen=-longLen; } else incrementVal=1; int decInc; if (longLen==0) decInc=0; else decInc = (shortLen << 16) / longLen; int j=0; if (yLonger) { for (int i=0;i!=endVal;i+=incrementVal) { myPixel(surface,x+(j >> 16),y+i); j+=decInc; } } else { for (int i=0;i!=endVal;i+=incrementVal) { myPixel(surface,x+i,y+(j >> 16)); j+=decInc; } } } void mySquare(SURFACE* surface,int x, int y, int x2, int y2) { myLine(surface,x,y,x2,y2); myLine(surface,x2,y2,x2+(y-y2),y2+(x2-x)); myLine(surface,x,y,x+(y-y2),y+(x2-x)); myLine(surface,x+(y-y2),y+(x2-x),x2+(y-y2),y2+(x2-x)); } void myRect(SURFACE* surface, int x, int y, int x2, int y2) { myLine(surface,x,y,x2,y); myLine(surface,x2,y,x2,y2); myLine(surface,x2,y2,x,y2); myLine(surface,x,y2,x,y); }