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Elite Shareware Authors Group FAQ
  1. What is the Elite Shareware Authors Group?
    The Elite Shareware Authors Group [ESAG] is made up of shareware authors who are interested in helping each other make exceptional shareware.

  2. What other role does it play?
    It is also the group that serves the shareware community by identifying and finding shareware authors who share this quality. Members help each other by giving each other advice and tips for making better shareware.

  3. How long has this group been in existence.
    The Elite Shareware Authors Group was founded on August, 1996.

  4. How does one become a member?
    By applying... Click HERE

  5. Who are current members in the group?
    Members are identified by the Elite Shareware Authors Group logo on the main page of their web site, and on the ESAG Members page.

  6. What does the logo look like?

  7. Can members modify the logo to their tastes?
    Yes, as long as the words Elite Shareware Authors Group and Member are in the design.

  8. What benefits are there for members?
    Recognition from the community for making shareware with quality and excellence.
    Newsletters with articles that help shareware authors in their programming, marketing, pricing, etc.
    Discussion forums for discussing programming issues, sharing tips and tricks, etc.
    Chat areas for light discussions.
    Mailing List for emailing all the members.
    Free software listings (with links) Enter all your searchable shareware.
    Help from ESAG members. We have a distinction of being VERY helpful to each other.

  9. What additional services can members obtain from ESAG?
    Ftp space (soon!).
    Advertising opportunities.
    Many more coming soon! (Watch this page for their announcements)

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