Copyright © 2000
Author: Po-Han Lin

eGlossary is a program that provides an automated way of entering terms and definitions (like a glossary or dictionary) for any website needing such a section. It allows the virtual community to participate in its creation (multiple people can edit a term).

Some interesting things about it...
  • It is recursive: The definition of a term may contain other defined terms, and you can click on them to view a selected term (which may end up containing other terms.
  • It is interactive. The whole virtual community can add, modify, and delete entries (terms and definitions). That way people more knowledgeable in certain topics can correct mistaken definitions.
  • It is dynamic. It can automatically link any term to the glossary on the fly.
  • It is modular and can be used with ANY perl script. In fact, I've used it to link a discussion forum to it (now all messages have instantaneous links to the glossary.
  • It is small in size. You won't believe how small it is. About 10k.
  • It is fun. (trust me on this one)
  • It is practical. It can be used to do language translations, as a dictionary, glossary, graphical image substitutions, etc.
  • It is flexible. The program can substitute or expand terms when linked with other generated pages.
  • It is powerful. Utilizing state-of-the-art algorithms to use the most consistent match. It will try to match the terms if existing. Example: If "computer terminal" and "computer" were defined. "computer terminal" would be linked instead of just computer.

Want to check it out? Click HERE