Buddhism Audio and Video Library

The following are Buddhist audio and videos. Listen to Buddhist wisdom!


Largest Seated Buddha in the World. Located in Hong Kong.

Oldest Living Monk in the World.


Dharma Talks by Ven. Master Chin Kung
[784KB] Teachings of Master Chin Kung
[891KB] The Path of True Happiness
[1,038KB] Taking Refuge

Dharma Talks by Joseph Goldstein
The Buddha
Karma and Renunciation
No Parachute, No Ground (311KB)

Dharma Talks by Steven Smith
Insight Knowledge - The Path to Freedom
Clear Comprehension in Daily Life

Dharma Talk, by Jack Kornfield: The 10 Perfections of Heart
Introduction (131KB)
Generosity (746KB)
Integrity (557KB)
Renunciation (461KB)
Energy (504KB)
Wisdom (616KB)
Patience (506KB)
Truthfulness (357KB)
Determination (456KB)
Loving-kindness (805KB)
Equanimity (544KB)
Conclusion (131KB)

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